Each year, youth across the country step up and speak out to promote dairy products, educate consumers and represent the dairy industry by serving as princesses, ambassadors and other such roles. Progressive Dairyman is pleased to recognize some of the young people who give their time and talents to spreading dairy’s positive messages. Hear how they respond to this question:

What makes you proud to promote dairyproducts and dairy farmers?

emma miller

Emma Miller
2015 OregonDairy Princess-Ambassador
Independence, Oregon

“Dairy farmers are passionate about their animals, and they work hard to produce high-quality, nutritious and wholesome milk. I’m proud to promote the industry that shaped me to be the person I am today.”

rebecca leister

Rebecca Leister
2014-2015 Tioga CountyDairy Princess
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

“What makes me proud to promote dairy products and dairy farmers is the interesting facts about dairy and how interesting dairy products are. Also, I love promoting to dairy farmers because then maybe in the future we will end up with double the amount of dairy farms as we have now.”


megan sprute

Megan Sprute
2015 First Alternate Oregon State Dairy Princess Ambassador
2014 Washington CountyDairy Princess Ambassador
Banks, Oregon

“It makes me proud to be able to promote dairy products and dairy farmers because I am able to share my passion for the dairy industry with the public and young children, along with giving dairy farmers the recognition they deserve for all their hard work, dedication and care for their animals. All to provide us with a nutrient-filled wholesome product … milk.”

kamille brawner

Kamille Brawner
Indiana Dairy Princess
Hanover, Indiana

“I am proud to promote dairy farmers and dairy products because being raised by a dairy farm family made me the person I am today. Dairy farmers have dairy to provide the world with ‘nature’s best product.’ It is not just a hobby; it is a way of life.”

katie kerndt

Katie Kerndt
2015-2016 Allamakee CountyDairy Princess
Lansing, Iowa

“Growing up on a small farm has really inspired me to make dairy products known to my community, as well as give insight on the hard-working farmer’s job he or she does day-to-day. I am very honored and proud to work with the youth in Allamakee County promoting nutritious dairy products brought to them from a dairy farmer.”

cierra lurvey

Cierra Lurvey
2015 WisconsinHolstein Association Princess
Lone Rock, Wisconsin

“I am proud to promote dairy products and dairy farmers because agriculture is the cornerstone of our society.”

katrina nunes

Katrina Nunes
2015 National Red andWhite Queen
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

“I am proud to promote dairy products because I am extremely passionate about the dairy industry. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about what I know and love with other people, especially ones who are not a part of it.”

cierra ehrke-essock

Cierra Ehrke-Essock
2015 WisconsinHolstein Princess Attendant
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

“I am proud to promote an industry that produces a simple yet nutritious product that helps feed our growing world. I am also proud to come from a traditional family farm where hard work and compassion help create a successful individual.”

savannah micke

Savannah Micke
2015 WisconsinRed and White Princess
Freedom, Wisconsin

“What makes me most proud to promote this amazing industry of dairy farmers and their products is how dedicated, passionate and hard-working farmers are to our animals, as well as producing those delicious dairy products to feed this growing world.”

mikayla lien

Mikayla Lien
2014-2015 Iowa StateDairy Princess
Calmar, Iowa

“Being an advocate for the dairy industry in Iowa is a tremendous honor because there is nothing that compares to the hard work and dedication of the Iowa dairy farmer. I am the sixth generation on my family’s dairy farm, and now I am so glad to have the opportunity to give back to the industry that has already given me so much.

Dairy farmers support practices that make economic sense, help the environment and are socially responsible for our communities and our world, and I am so proud to get to stand up and speak on behalf of all of these hard workers.”

rebeccah harter and gretchen little

Rebeccah Harter (left)
2014-2015 Centre CountyAlternate Dairy Princess
Zion, Pennsylvania

– and–

Gretchen Little (right)
Centre County Dairy Maid
Zion, Pennsylvania

“Being neighbors, being friends, and basically growing up together, we have been promoting the dairy industry together for almost eight years. Our parents are dairy farmers, and by promoting the industry, we are trying to make a difference not only for our fellow farmers but also for our families and their livelihoods.”

willow voegtlen

Willow Voegtlen
2015 Pennsylvania Jersey Queen
Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania

“Milk is nature’s most perfect food. I am proud to represent Jersey breeders from across my state because of their work ethic to maximize dairy product outputs and drive for success on their own dairy, as well as feeding America.”

kailey barlow

Kailey Barlow
2014-2015 National Ayrshire Queen
Scottsville, Kentucky

“I view it an honor to promote the dairy industry as a whole. Such hard-working people should be admired for all they do for our economy. In my year as queen, promoting the dairy farmers and their products has been my goal. Whether it be commercially or show-ring quality, this industry is one to be proud of.”

emily irwin and ashtyn martin

Emily Irwin (right)
2015 Illinois Holstein Duchess
Belvidere, Illinois

“I am proud to promote dairy products and dairy farmers because I know all the hard work and passion dairy farmers put into producing healthy dairy products.”

Ashtyn Martin (left)
2015 Little Miss Holstein
Marengo, Illinois

“I love to inform people of how important it is to have dairy in their diet and how well farmers take care of their animals.”

rylie pfughaupt

Rylie Pflughaupt
2014-2015 Iowa StateDairy Princess Alternate
Vinton, Iowa

“I’m proud to promote the dairy industry and dairy producers because dairy farming is a 24-7, 365-day-a-year job. I enjoy telling others about my farm and the farms of other dairy producers who are working hard to provide nutritious, delicious dairy products to consumers.” PD