Roberts Dairy in Omaha, Nebraska, is expanding its facilities to make room for new products, according to an article in the Omaha World-Herald. The dairy is expanding bottling facilities for the addition of plastic half pint and pint lines, which it started making in November. Completion of the expansion is expected by late spring 2013.

The half pints are used primarily in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri schools.

Roberts Dairy is a division of Hiland Dairy, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Roberts Dairy gets its milk from Dairy Farmers of America members; 90 percent of the raw milk is provided by dairy farmers within 100 miles of the Omaha plant.

Roberts has two production plants and 10 distribution centers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. PD


—Compiled from Roberts Dairy website and Omaha World-Herald article (Click here to read the full article.)