Evolution X1 increases milking speed without increasing vacuum levelsEvolution X1 by Conewango combines gentle, low vacuum with high-milking-speed design. This liner is ideal for dairy producers who want a higher-capacity liner with faster milkout.

The shallow vacuum chamber allows for reduced vacuum levels at the mouthpiece for gentler milking, while a two-stage controlled collapse creates more stability with virtually no slip.


The patented short milk tube design with compression ribs and hinge points offers greater flexibility. The oval-bore design shortens barrel wall movement from open to collapse, which creates a quicker response to pulsation and a faster milkout.
Website: Evolution-Liners
Booth number: EH 1107


New products from Udder Tech
Udder Tech now makes kid and lamb blankets made with 3M Thinsulate insulation. They feature quick-release buckles on the straps for easy off and on. They are made with water-resistant nylon, are machine wash and dry, and are available in blue, pink, red and black.

kid and lamb blanket

Also new is the A.I. Straw Holster to hold used A.I. straws. Made of durable vinyl that can be easily cleaned, it slides onto a 1- or 2-inch belt.


Another new product is the Hoof Knife Pocket. It provides a handy way to keep knives secure and easily accessible. It can be attached to bibbed overalls, jackets or vests by hoof glue, a safety pin or by stitching it. It is made with nylon fabric and is lined with heavyweight webbing for durability. The Hoof Knife Holster is also available and slides onto a belt.
Website: Udder Tech Inc.
Booth number: AR 500-503

Get-A-Grip nitrile gloves
This year, Summit Glove introduces our newest glove offering, the Get-A-Grip nitrile glove, for the ultimate in hand protection with superior grip from our patented Diamond Pattern.

Get-A-Grip nitrile gloveThere is no comparison to the tough nitrile compound that gives the product excellent abrasion resistance and protection from chemicals. The product is a single-use, powder-free glove made of 100 percent nitrile. It meets CFR Parts 170-199 standards. The color is reflex blue and has a raised diamond pattern throughout the entire glove.

This glove is perfect for working on farm machinery or on personal vehicles where a firm grip is essential.
Website: Get-A-Grip
Booth location: EH 5008-5009

Bio-Vet introduces stainless steel balling guns
Bio-Vet Inc. has introduced three new balling guns made from a combination of durable stainless steel and PVC components. The new applicators may be used to easily administer QuadriCal calcium boluses as well as most adult cattle boluses, capsules or magnets.

Key features include a rounded metal tip with smooth edges, which is safer for cows. A flexible rubber insert retains boluses in the barrel until positioned properly.

The three new balling guns are: GN-1250, 26 millimeter (inside diameter); GN-1500, 32 millimeter; and GN-1501, 32 millimeter. They also have a hollow plunger design that allows the balling gun to double as a drencher for applying oral liquids.
Website: Bio-Vet
Booth number: EH 1503-1504

Vanberg Specialized Coatings introduces Armor-Rock XC
Restore floors in as little as two hours with the extra-fast curing flooring system designed for dairies with limited down times. Armorcoat XC resins are unique acrylic polymer chemistry that enables extremely fast cure times, even at temperatures as low as -20ºF.

The properties important for dairy floor restoration, such as stain and chemical resistance, plus the ability to stand up to heavy traffic are achieved within a very short time. Our installation specialists are trained to effectively restore and protect surfaces in two to three hours or less.
Website: Vanberg Specialized Coatings
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