Golden Calf Company introduces new colostrum pasteurizerThe newest colostrum pasteurizer will be launching at World Dairy Expo. With built-in smart technology, this pasteurizer will text its users to announce that a cycle is complete, ensuring that the next steps of feeding or storing colostrum are taken immediately.

Its large capacity of 12 meals is coupled with precise temperature sensors and internet connectivity to satisfy the demands of the largest of dairies.

For everyday users, this pasteurizer offers a large, easy-to-use touchscreen with the ability to easily switch between English and Spanish. For managers, it carries a peace of mind with its SmartErrors handling system, ability to view and download log history and improved efficiency of both water and energy consumption.

By design, this colostrum pasteurizer supports the best practices of colostrum handling, resulting in healthier calves and less medical costs.
Website: Golden Calf Company
Booth number: AL 170, 171

Indoor Flex Pen introduced by Agri-Plastics
The new stand-alone Indoor Flex Pen system has detachable side panels so that calves can be grouped or housed separately for health or welfare reasons. It has multiple, “flexible” set-up configurations and can be extended to any length the customer wishes.


Currently, there are no stand-alone pen systems on the market with a detachable side panel to transform from single to group housing. Furthermore, there are no stand-alone pen systems where the front feeding door and rear door can be interchanged as desired.

This solution offers a greater selection of operational solutions as well as reduced labor with increased worker safety.
Website: Agri-Plastics
Booth number: EH 4305-4307, TC 908-936  end mark