Milk Specialties Global has announced the purchase of the production facility of Robert Morgan Inc. in Paris, Illinois. This facility is located approximately 165 miles south of Chicago and has been partnering with Milk Specialties as a toll manufacturing facility for the past 16 months.

The Paris, Illinois plant will continue to manufacture Milk Specialties’ Energy Booster 100, and Energy Booster H products, as well as other energy supplements. The Energy Booster brand has enjoyed significant growth over the last five years and has demonstrated its ability to increase milk production, milk components and enhance reproduction in high producing dairy cows.

“Our interest in purchasing this facility is to enhance our ability to service our customers, protect our existing manufacturing base, and develop new energy solution products”, says Jeff Rhude, director of plant operations. “We are confident that the Paris facility will help us to continue to exceed customers’ expectations and allow our Energy Booster business to continue to grow.” PD


—From Milk Specialties Global news release