At the 61st annual meeting of the National Dairy Shrine, Mary Shank Creek, an Ayrshire breeder and dairy producer from Hagerstown, Maryland, was elected president of the organization. Meanwhile, Erick Metzger, the manager of National All Jersey from Reynoldsburg, Ohio was chosen president-elect. Elected to the executive committee along with Creek and Metzger were: Dale Olver, University Park, Pennsylvania; Ken Crandall, Provo, Utah; Maggy Murphy, Summerfield, Florida; and immediate past president Corey Geiger, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The National Dairy Shrine board of directors consists of 21 members. This year, two new directors were elected to the board. They included Nancy Feeney, Davenport, Iowa and Fred Hendricks, Bucyrus, Ohio.

During the past year, the organization also added 315 new members to bring the membership roles to 17,800 members from across the U.S. and Canada. The National Dairy Shrine board voted to initiate a fund raising campaign to allow refurbishing of the Joe Eves Library. The Eve’s library is the last remaining section of the Museum that has not been renovated since the start of the museum in 1980. At the National Dairy Shrine’s annual banquet, more than $45,000 in scholarships was awarded to 30 outstanding young people. If you would like to contribute to the Renovation Fund or other scholarship funds, mail a donation to National Dairy Shrine, P.O. Box 1, Maribel, WI 54227, or go to

—From National Dairy Shrine news release


The National Dairy Shrine Board of Director team includes, sitting in the front row: Maggie Murphy, Summerfield, Florida; Past President Corey Geiger, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; President Mary Shank Creek, Hagerstown, Maryland; Dale Olver, University Park, Pennsylvania; and President-elect Erick Metzger, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The second row: Executive Director David Selner, Denmark, Wisconsin; Coleen Jones, Craigsville, Virginia; Ken Crandall, Provo, Utah; David Jones, Stillwater, Oklahoma; Darrell Pidgeon, Parker, Colorado; David Pierson, Lake City, Minnesota; and Roy Ax, Tucson, Arizona. The back row: Roger Neitzel, Beloit, Wisconsin; Stan Erwine, Overland Park, Kansas; Fred Hendricks, Bucyrus, Ohio; Robert Rowe, Verona, Wisconsin; Richard Clauss, Hilmar, California; and Steve Strickler, Iola, Kansas. Missing from the photo are David Darr, Katharine Knowlton, Marion Seifert and Nancy Feeney. Photo courtesy of National Dairy Shrine.