The 0.26 GPH pressure-compensating emitter is the latest flow rate to complement Toro’s other BlueLine PC flow rates of 0.42, 0.53, and 1.00 GPH.

The dripline can be used on permanent crops utilizing any installation technique: above ground, below ground or hanging on a wire.

The BlueLine pressure-compensating emitters are purported to provide greater resistance to plugging, durability and superior flow accuracy.

Additional product features include:

  • Accurate flow rates from 10 – 60 PSI

  • All emitter flow rates available in three hose dimensions: 16mm, 18mm and 20mm

  • Self-flushing diaphragm flushes during operation and shutdown, improving clogging resistance and providing longer life to the system

  • Toro’s blue stripe helps identify emitter location during installation and operation

“The new 0.26 GPH low flow rate gives growers the option to have longer runs on permanent crops and enables the use of smaller pipe or existing submains, without sacrificing performance,” said Mara McCartney, product manager for Toro’s micro-irrigation business.

“Even with closer emitter spacing, growers can still have long rows, further improving field performance.”  FG

From Toro news release