The jury awarded damages of $1 billion to Monsanto based on DuPont's willful infringement of its technology and the improper head start that DuPont obtained when it infringed Monsanto's technology rights.

The finding of willful infringement could lead to an increased award of damages in the case.

Monsanto originally filed suit against DuPont and DuPont Pioneer in May 2009. The lawsuit sought to prevent the unlicensed combination of Monsanto's proprietary Roundup Ready herbicide tolerant technologies in soybeans and corn with DuPont's OGAT.

DuPont has released a statement saying that it "strongly disagrees with the verdict" that was reached and plans to appeal based on "several fundamental errors in the case which deprived the jury of important facts and arguments and led to the disappointing outcome."  FG


—From Monsanto Company and DuPont news releases