Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) andProgressive Dairymagazine recently partnered to create the Nexus Innovation Awards. Five companies were selected by a panel of dairy producers as winners of the award from among more than a dozen applicants. The companies presented their new innovations live on stage at PDPW’s Business Conference, March 17-18. Editor Walt Cooley presented the awards and moderated their live presentations. This episode contains recorded content from the live event and one-on-one interviews with a representative from each of the winning companies. 

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Here is a breakdown of the episode:


Yassir Khokar of Connecterra talks about employing a digital assistant on dairy farms [~2:45]

Connecterra’s Julie Larsen explains the new “Intelligent Dairy Assistant” known as IDA [~6:15]

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HMC feeder by AMS Galaxy 

Brad Biehl talks about a new high-moisture corn (HMC) feeder for robotic milking farms [~12:30]

What is the return on investment of this innovation? [~17:45]

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Chris Moarn talks about a new infrared system to sterilize dairy manure fiber for bedding [~21:35]

How does the product work? [~24:00]

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Brandon Peterson talks about a new vertical farming system for growing fodder as cattle feed [~28:50]

How much more dry matter can a producer grow per year with this system than with conventional farming? [~30:00]

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Roxie Muller talks about a new augmented reality headset for use during herd checks [~35:55]

How can producers get your innovation on their farm? [~40:15]

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Learn more about the Nexus Innovation Awards here:


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