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Business Digest Highlights

New product and services

Gallagher launches a new introductory livestock weighing system

To help farmers achieve more profitability, Gallagher has released the W-0, an entry-level, low-cost livestock weighing system complete with Bluetooth connectivity. Paired with the Animal Performance App, you can create sessions, record weights, view your session statistics with your animal’s visual eartag and record any relevant notes for the animal, as well as manage the individual weight gain. All of this is done through the indicator and sent via Bluetooth to the app on your phone.

Visit Gallagher for more information.


Swiss company launches rapid test to identify A2 milk-producing cows

Swiss foodtech company SwissDeCode is launching the DNAFoil A2 Cow Test, a rapid kit that allows dairy farms and companies to test their cows independently and on the spot, in order to detect the presence of the A1 beta-casein allele and identify A2 milk-producing cows.

The kit is a highly accurate test that uses tail hair samples from cows to detect the presence of the A1 beta-casein allele. Providing all necessary material, the all-in-one test can be performed on-site, even by non-experts. The results are available in 45 minutes, including approximately 15 minutes hands-on time. This significantly shortens the time to result, compared to current analytical methods.

Visit SwissDeCode to learn more.

New Kuhn MM 301 Merge Maxx hay merger

Kuhn North America Inc. introduced the new MM 301 Merge Maxx hay merger. The merger has been designed to work with mower conditioners from 9 feet to 18 feet of cutting width. It can be tailored to match the needs of almost any operator’s preferences. The merger can be operated pulling directly behind the tractor, extended all the way to right or anywhere in between.

The standard, curved windguard helps create fluffy, well-formed windrows by keeping the crop close to the pickup and delivering it to the center of the belt. This smooths out crop bunching.

A self-contained hydraulic drive allows the merger to be operated by most tractors regardless of hydraulic capacities. The merger also has steel hydraulic lines on the tongue, providing the machine with a longer life and improved system performance.

The merger includes a sight glass on the tongue to make it quick and easy to verify the oil level. Additionally, there is a pressure gauge to help operators determine if an oil filter change is necessary. There is also a larger fill port to reduce the time needed to refill the system during oil changes.

Visit Kuhn North America Inc. for more information.

Dairymaster’s new ‘DraftNow’ system allows for a smarter and safer farm

Dairymaster announced the latest product to its portfolio. “DraftNow” is a stand-alone sorting system. It includes a new software program and mobile app which has extra functionality and many benefits. It allows you to sort cows remotely if necessary. It can be installed on farms with or without the company’s auto identification system and is suitable with other makes of parlors that want a reliable drafting system.

The sorting system is available in a choice of two-way and three-way sorting which may be combined when more segregation options are required. It is a “live” system allowing for instant information exchange; once a change is made on the program or the app, it is immediately updated on the system.

Email or for more information.

Industry news

Holstein Association USA announces April 2021 - TPI formula change

Holstein Association USA will implement an adjustment to the Total Performance Index (TPI) formula in conjunction with the official genetic evaluation run taking place in April 2021. The Holstein Association USA Genetic Advancement Committee met in February 2021 to review current research and new traits that have been made available to the industry. Opportunities to enhance the TPI formula were identified, and recommendations were made to the association’s board of directors, who recently voted to approve those recommendations.

The April 2021 change enhances HAUSA’s existing Feed Efficiency (FE$) formula by incorporating the new Feed Saved trait that was released in December 2020. The economic assumptions used in the formula have been updated to match the most current research done by USDA-AGIL.

The formula for FE$ starting in April 2021 will be:

($0.0008 x Milk) + ($1.55 x Fat) + ($1.73 x Protein) + ($0.11 x Feed Saved)

Visit Holstein Association USA for more information.

2020 Farm Employee Compensation Benchmark survey

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development is conducting a 2020 Farm Employee Compensation Benchmark survey of all agricultural commodities to help farmers evaluate and offer competitive compensation packages to maintain high-quality employee teams. Participants will receive aggregate and anonymous reports customized by farm type and be invited to a webinar discussion of the findings.

While pay is not the most important factor to retain and motivate employees, it does matter, and it can be difficult to find accurate and up-to-date information about employee compensation. This year’s survey will focus on key positions within agricultural industries, including herdspersons, crop managers and crew leaders.

The survey process takes about 10 minutes per employee to enter. Visit Cornell - survey to take the survey.

For questions, contact Lucas Smith by email or email Richard Stup.

Plant a Seed, Inspire a Dream campaign kicks off

Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is kicking off its Plant a Seed, Inspire a Dream fundraising campaign. Donations are used to support programs such as the Cornerstone Dairy Academy, Financial Literacy for Dairy and Agriculture Community Engagement. The foundation also awards grants across the nation to innovative dairy initiatives that align with the mission.

“In a spirit of fun, we’ve assembled four teams of volunteers to compete with each other,” said Janet Keller, executive director of Dairy’s Foundation. “The idea is to challenge each team to raise more funds than the other three. Donors can vote to choose a team to apply their donation toward.”

  • Team Inspire: Captain Steve Vale; Sydney Endres, Dave Lindevig, Dr. Rami A. Reddy, Peter Curran and Jim Mlsna

  • Team Vision: Co-captains Sam Schwoeppe and Joan Behr; John Kappelman, Linda Hodorff, Logan Bower, Andy Buttles and Dave Thorbahn

  • Team Impact: Co-captains Russ Warmka and Derek Orth, Julie Gabris, Jeff Sluzewski, Marty Hallock, Carrie Feucht, Danielle Warmka

  • Team Dream: Co-captains Brian Forrest and Mark Diederichs, Mitch Breunig, Charlie Crave, Jeff Montsma, Keith Engel, Andy Skwor and Steve Orth

Go to Professional Dairy Producers Foundation to make a contribution.

Registration open for Transitioning to Supervisor course

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development has opened registration for the “Organizing Work for High Quality Results.” Materials will release June 12, 2021, with the first class the following week.

Organizing Work for High Quality Results teaches how to develop clear expectations and standard operating procedures, delegate effectively, and diagnose and correct performance problems.

This course is appropriate for both new and experienced farm supervisors and managers, and those preparing to become supervisors. All participants will learn leadership concepts and practice skills that will improve their ability to build a positive workplace and get results through leading others.

From the comfort of your home or office, watch prerecorded presentations on your own schedule, and engage with classmates and instructors during weekly, live discussion sessions.

Email Rachel McCarthy for more information.

Holstein Marketplace Sires launches two new bulls

Two new bulls have recently been released through the Holstein Marketplace Sires program. The bulls hail from Cookiecutter MOM Halo-ET VG-88 DOM family. Halo traces back through six generations of Very Good and Excellent dams to the prominent Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 2E GMD DOM.

712HO01012 COOKIECUTTER D HELMSMAN-ET *RC, bred and owned by Cookiecutter Holsteins LLC, Hudson Falls, New York. He is sired by Claynook Discjockey-ET, out of VG-85 Cookiecutter Avlnc Hayva-ET. His next dam, EX-94 2E Cookiecutter Mac Halmaci-ET, boasts a lifetime production record of almost 174,000 pounds of milk with 4.5% fat and 3.3% protein tests. He is backed by 10 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams. He is +3.58 PTAT and +2.93 UDC, with positive components and production. He is also a red carrier.

712HO01013 AOT HOOSICK-ET, bred and owned by AOT Genetics, Valley Falls, New York. He is a K-Style Tarino Spartacus-ET son out of VG-89 DOM Cookiecutter Dta Habitan-ET, then a VG-88 DOM Minnigan-Hills Day-ET, for a total of 10 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams behind him. Coming in at +2925 GTPI, he has a +2.6 Fertility Index, +2.42 PTAT and +2.38 UDC. He also brings to the table strong components (108 CFP, +0.17% F, +0.05% P), desirable SCS (2.81) and PL (+5.4), and easy calving (1.6% SCE).

Visit Holstein Marketplace Sires for more information.  

Organization news

DCRC calls for Scholar applicants

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) is accepting applications for its Scholar program. The recipient will earn an expense-paid trip to attend the DCRC annual meeting, Nov. 10-11, in Kansas City, Missouri. The application deadline is April 30.

Eligible candidates must be a member and graduate student enrolled full time at a college or university in a dairy, animal or veterinary science, microbiology or related program at the time of application deadline, with an area of interest that includes dairy cattle reproduction. To apply, complete the application form, submit an interest statement that details the applicant’s interest in dairy cattle reproduction, career goals and research project, and provide a letter of recommendation.

The selection committee will choose the scholar by June 1. Go to DCRC Scholars program to learn more.

DCRC opens Herd Reproduction Award nominations

Nominate a dairy herd for the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) 2021 Excellence in Dairy Reproduction Awards program. Dairy industry professionals may nominate dairy herds with reproduction excellence. Nominations are due April 30.

To nominate a herd, go to and complete the required information. From the nominations, judges evaluate reproductive performance criteria and narrow down the nominations to a group of finalists.

Watch Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council for program updates.

Center for Dairy Excellence offering $100 discount for ‘Farm Spanish Basics’ course

The Center for Dairy Excellence is offering $100 discounts to Pennsylvania dairy producers who sign up for the “Farm Spanish Basics” online course this spring.

The course is being held from April 13 – June 3, 2021. It is available in both beginner and intermediate levels, and it is led by lifelong dairy farmer Katie Dotterer-Pyle. Pennsylvania producers who sign up will receive $100 off the cost of registration and access to 16 online, interactive classes.

The “Farm Spanish Basics” course is held online with live classes recorded for dairy farmers to watch at their convenience. The 16 classes span over a total of eight weeks and include two one-hour classes per week. Classes are interactive with in-class work and participation as well as homework for reinforcement of the material. The course will begin with Spanish basics and expand to include specific dairy vocabulary that will help farmers better communicate with employees.

Pennsylvania dairy producers should visit Center for Dairy Excellence spanish-basics to sign up and receive the discount. For dairy producers outside of Pennsylvania, visit Cow Comfort Inn Dairy to register for the course.

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative announces scholarship opportunity

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative will award $1,000 scholarships to children of its members. Applicants must be high school seniors, high school graduates or college undergraduates. They must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time course of study at an accredited four-year college or university or a two-year program at a technical, junior or community college.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on academic achievement, leadership, participation in school and community activities, academic honors, goals and aspirations, recommendations and work experience.

Applications must be postmarked by May 1. Email or visit Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative for more information. end mark