If you’ve ever been around a dairy cattle showring, or picked up a purebred publication, there's a good chance you know the name “Budjon.” One of the most well-known prefixes in today’s registered cattle business, their lengthy list of showring achievements include:
  • Six Premier Breeder banners from World Dairy Expo
  • Five National Show Supreme Champions
  • 200 All-American nominations among the Holstein, Jersey and Red & White breeds
  • 100 All-Canadian nominations across all those three breeds as well

But don’t let the showring fame fool you. The Budjon brand isn’t only about trophies and ribbons; they have adapted their focus to become known as a premier boarding facility for elite genetics, and they continue to diversify and restructure to create a permanent place for themselves in an ever-changing dairy industry.

So how are they doing this? Listen to Editor Peggy Coffeen’s interview with the farm to find out. 



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

Who is Budjon? [2:02] 


Over the past 20 years, what one change do you think has had the biggest impact on the way you run your business? [4:20]

In what ways did you strategize to position Budjon to overcome these changes? [9:40]

How did the industry’s challenges shape what the Budjon brand is today? [11:17]

What is it you hope Budjon is known for among your peers in the dairy industry? [15:47]

What’s the vision for the future of Budjon? What kind of cattle do you think will fill these barns 10 years from now? [16:30]

For all the calf raisers listening out there, can you let us in on just one of your secrets to success? [19:00]

Our listeners may not know that you are actually quite famous beyond the dairy realm – like on a commercial and on a billboard famous. Tell us about that. [21:22]


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