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Business Digest Highlights

New Products

New AutoTrac Ready John Deere Gator utility vehicles give farmers, ranchers hands-free steering capabilities

John Deere offers a new AutoTrac Ready option for select full-size Gator utility vehicles to give farmers and ranchers hands-free steering capabilities and increased versatility.

The new vehicles come equipped with the necessary wiring harness and brackets for the company’s technology hardware. Customers can order a 4640 display and StarFire 7000 receiver to be added to their Gator, or they can repurpose units they already own. After activating their subscription, farmers can use hands-free steering to reduce overlap, improve operator and input efficiency, and decrease operator fatigue.


The assisted steering system increases operator productivity by maintaining consistent, repeatable accuracy and efficiency as the vehicle moves across the field. With the steering system engaged, operators can remain alert and focused on controlling machine settings and the varying field conditions.

The new option can be ordered on model-year 2023 835/865 cab units including the XUV835M HVAC, XUV835R, XUV835R Signature Edition, XUV865M HVAC, XUV865R and the XUV865R Signature Edition.

The vehicles are available for pre-order now with limited availability beginning later this year. Visit John Deere for more information.

Industry news

‘Best of’ Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Virtual Conference

The Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Committee is excited to offer a virtual “Best of” 2022 Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference. The virtual offering includes recorded presentations of all the Four State Conference general sessions in addition to the pre- and post-conference symposiums and the breakfast speaker.

RP Nutrient’s pre-conference symposium focuses on uncovering profit opportunities. Anita Menconi of Evonik provided an overview and outlook of the global dairy nutrition industry. Jesse Goff of Iowa State University covered pitfalls when feeding a low-DCAD diet. Milk Money CEO Jay Joy discussed how to develop your business by developing your people and Mark Hanigan of Virginia Tech showed how to balance for amino acids using the NASEM 2021 model.

Speakers focused on improving the performance of transition cows. Tom Overton of Cornell University discussed how to feed fresh cows for improved health and performance. Jim Drackley of the University of Illinois talked about rethinking the transition period, and Heather White of the University of Wisconsin explained her rumen-protected choline supplementation research. Lance Baumgard of Iowa State University discussed how transition cow myths can influence our interpretation of performance.

Mary Beth Hall with the USDA Forage Research Center provided information on the new NASEM carbohydrate nutrient requirements. Gavin Staley with Diamond V covered why heifer maturity matters to lifetime performance.

The cost for the virtual program is $150 and includes access to the recordings until Dec. 1. All the presentations, including the breakout sessions handouts, are included. Visit Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Committee for more information.

Northside Elevator expands to Stanley, Wisconsin

Northside Elevator will construct a new $20 million agronomy facility in Stanley, Wisconsin. Northside Elevator is a family-owned agricultural business that offers a full line of services for the agriculture industry, including the manufacture of animal feed, on-site dairy nutritional consulting, commodity contracting, grain storage, grain marketing and agronomy services such as crop advisers, custom fertilizer blending, seed treating, and crop protection products and services.

The site will support Wisconsin agribusinesses through a production facility, advanced logistics and outstanding customer service. The centerpiece of the project is a tower system fertilizer manufacturing plant. This system produces consistent high-quality fertilizers at the speed needed for farmers to have a successful planting season. A rail spur will be constructed for more efficient procurement of production materials. A warehouse will create greater flexibility in purchasing and storage of fertilizer, seed and serve as an internal distribution hub. An office will be staffed to support the one-on-one personal customer service long expected by the company’s customers. The site has been designed for future expansion to keep pace with future needs of agricultural producers.

Visit Northside Elevator for more information.

Pöttinger presents new grassland products

Pöttinger has added innovations for the new season.

Novacat V 10000:
The new standard in mowing
The new mower combination combines high output with the best possible ground tracking and the greatest reliability thanks to intelligent technology. The mower is available with a headstock for 3- or 3.5-meter-wide front mowers. This makes working widths of up to 9.62 and 10.02 meters possible.

New Hit V 11100:
Powerful and compact
With its 1.42-meter rotors and 10.70-meter working width (DIN), the machine combines excellent tedding quality with maximum output. While it is inconspicuously small during transport, it unfolds to reveal stunning dimensions in the field. It also has an array of technical refinements.

Top 882 C:
The new large center-swath rake
The company has added the new rake to their range of center-swath rakes. It has a working width of 7.7 to 8.8 meters. The longer boom allows flexible swath width adjustment between 1.3 and 2.6 meters. Despite the rotor diameter of 3.7 meters, the transport height without removing the tine arms is still below 4 meters.

The new Jumbo 8000
chops much shorter
The new loader wagon chops the forage almost 30% shorter – this means even higher forage quality without compromising on loading performance. Protected to a torque of 3,500 Nm, the loader wagon can now deliver higher throughput rates than a self-propelled forage harvester.

Contactless steered axles on the Jumbo
The new contactless, electronic steered axles on the loader wagon significantly improve operating and driving comfort as well as the reliability of the steering system.

Boss 3000 Master:
The new benchmark
The new wagon complements the product range of loader wagons for smaller-scale farm businesses and farms. The engineers have succeeded in reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum with a loading unit developed from the ground up, while at the same time increasing throughput capacity. In addition, new smart options are also available for the Boss. It is available in four sizes from 18.7 to 26.5 cubic meters (DIN), two of them also with beater rotors.

The series is available starting Aug. 1. Visit Pöttinger for more information.

Rogue Creamery ranked No. 1 on Oregon Business’s 2022 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

Rogue Creamery has been ranked at the very top of Oregon Business Magazine’s annual list of the 100 Best Green Workplaces in the state. Though the Central Point-based cheesemaker has consistently made the list for 13 years in a row, this is the first year Rogue Creamery has placed first.

The creamery became Oregon’s first B-Corporation in 2014 and has been on the cutting edge of sustainability ever since. Since 2017, the creamery has ranked in the top 10% (and by 2021, the top 5%) of B Corps worldwide for its impact on people and planet.

The award also comes on the one-year anniversary of the recognition from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy: the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing. The award commended the creamery for its commitment to dairy sustainability. 

The creamery was also honored on Oregon Business’s 2022 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Visit Rogue Creamery for more information.

Organization news

Sign up for the 2022 College Aggies Online scholarship competition, kicking off Sept. 12

The Animal Agriculture Alliance announced its annual College Aggies Online (CAO) scholarship program will kick off Sept. 12. This nine-week program brings together college students from across the country to help them become confident communicators for agriculture. Undergraduates, graduate students, and collegiate clubs and classes are invited to sign up now.

Each week, participants receive training from communication experts about current and emerging issues in agriculture. In the individual division, students earn points by completing weekly challenges, including writing blog posts, designing infographics, creating social media content and submitting letters to the editor.

In the student organization division, collegiate clubs and classes will have the opportunity to host events on their campus to engage with peers about agriculture, along with virtual engagement options that provide flexibility in varying community and college health guidelines. Club events include hosting a campus event, food drive, farm tour and much more.

Visit Animal Agriculture Alliance for more information.

Holstein Association USA announces 2022 Elite Breeder Award recipient

Holstein Association USA honored the Bauer brothers of Sandy-Valley Farms in Scandinavia, Wisconsin, with the 2022 Elite Breeder Award. The influence of their herd’s top-notch genetics on the progress of registered Holsteins is a testament to their dedication and hard work over the years.

Although the family is no longer farming, the positive contributions Sandy-Valley genetics have had on the Holstein breed will leave a lasting influence. The four Bauer brothers – Frank, Patrick, David and Greg – worked together to achieve their goals, along with Frank’s children, Danae and Ethan.

The family’s commitment to breeding high-quality genetics led to much success for Sandy-Valley Farms over the years. This includes both cows and sires. Sandy-Valley developed an outstanding set of high-index animals over the years, including two No. 1 TPI bulls, a No. 1 CTPI cow and a No. 1 GTPI female.

Sandy-Valley Farms bred 107 Dams of Merit and 106 Gold Medal Dams, including 46 cows receiving both distinctions. They also bred 10 Gold Medal sires and a total of 186 Excellent females and males. In 2019, Holstein International recognized them as No. 6 on the “25 Most Influential Breeders of the Last 25 Years” list, as selected by their readers.

The Bauer family of Sandy-Valley Farms was recognized during the 2022 National Holstein Convention July 1 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Visit Holstein Association USA for more information.

Mitch Kappelman chosen as 2022 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder

For the 2022 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, returning home to farm was always a clear choice. Mitch Kappelman manages his family’s dairy, Meadow Brook Farms. Because of his enthusiasm for dairy farming and the Registered Holstein cow, Holstein Association USA is proud to honor Kappelman with the 2022 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder award.

Located near Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Meadow Brook Farms milks 425 cows 3X in a double-nine parallel parlor. The rolling herd average is just over 30,000 pounds of milk, with 1,230 pounds of fat and 927 pounds of protein. They are currently at 4.1% fat and 3.1% protein.

Through the years, Kappelman’s passion for agriculture was ignited as he competed in shows and activities like Dairy Bowl through the National Junior Holstein Association. He attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated with a degree in dairy science in 2013.

Today, Kappelman is involved in the day-to-day activities at Meadow Brook Farms. He is always striving for new genetic goals with his registered Holsteins, while remaining focused on keeping cows healthy and comfortable.

Kappelman has taken on leadership roles in his local Manitowoc County Holstein Association, serving on the board for six years. He’s also a graduate of Class 10 of the Holstein Foundation’s Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI).

Kappelman was recognized on July 1 during the 2022 National Holstein Convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Visit Holstein Association USA for more information.

Expo en Español returns to World Dairy Expo

Created for Spanish-speaking dairy owners, managers and mid-managers, Expo en Español returns to World Dairy Expo this fall with an expanded schedule. Presented exclusively in Spanish, Expo en Español will be hosted Tuesday through Friday during World Dairy Expo. Each session includes a presentation and a question-and-answer segment.

Visit World Dairy Expo for more information and to view the schedule. World Dairy Expo thanks Progressive Dairy for sponsoring the complete 2022 Expo en Español schedule.

Collin Peterson named Distinguished Leadership Award recipient

For three decades, the Honorable Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota) was dedicated to championing agricultural legislation in Washington, D.C. Known as the dairy policy expert in Congress, Peterson made significant contributions to the dairy industry through his selfless leadership.

Because of his efforts, Holstein Association USA is delighted to recognize former U.S. Rep. Peterson with the 2022 Distinguished Leadership Award. His dedicated service benefited Holstein Association USA members, dairy farmers across the country and the entire agriculture industry.

Peterson, of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, represented the state’s Seventh District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He served as a ranking member on the House Committee on Agriculture for five congressional sessions (2007 to 2011; 2019 to 2021) and was chairman three times (2005 to 2007; 2011 to 2019).

During this time, he worked on five farm bills and was the driving force behind drafting three farm bills. Peterson initiated the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program that was included in the most recent farm bill. He used his vast knowledge to develop a solid safety net for dairy farmers.

Throughout his 30 years in Congress, Peterson worked with dairy farmers, local and national cooperatives and trade associations, and colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Alongside Holstein Association USA, Peterson was an advocate for national animal identification and introduced the National FAIR Act calling for a mandatory national animal identification system to protect the health of our nation's herd.

Peterson was a key contributor and expert on anything dairy related on the House Ag Committee, and his initiatives have touched many different facets of the agriculture industry.

Peterson was recognized during the 2022 National Holstein Convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on July 1, 2022. Visit Holstein Association USA for more information.