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Danone North America announces goal to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill by 2025

Danone North America announced its goal to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill across all North American company facilities by 2025. The goal, which has already been achieved by 15% of its manufacturing facilities, sets a new company standard for recycling and waste reduction through updated processes and increased education.

Sherri Livengood, director of environmental affairs at Danone North America, said: “As one of the world’s largest Certified B Corporations and a market leader in yogurt, plant-based, premium dairy and coffee creamers, embracing our responsibility to support a more sustainable world is pivotal. The Zero Waste to Landfill goal creates a bridge to our company’s existing One Planet. One Health frame of action, which includes our commitment to reducing food loss and waste in our U.S. operations by 50% by 2030 and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Zero Waste to Landfill is achieved when at least 99% of waste generated throughout the manufacturing process is diverted from landfills. As a result, waste produced throughout food and beverage production, including handling, storage, processing, packaging and distribution, is reused, upcycled, recycled, composted or sent for energy recovery.

In the face of the climate crisis, the company’s manufacturing plants are making substantial progress toward its goal of Zero Waste to Landfill. By working with third-party partners like Veolia ESS and with local organizations, including ShurGreen Farms, Langdon and Sons, Wasatch Resource Recovery and EBI Montreal, the company is bringing forth innovative solutions to divert waste from landfill to instead be reused, recycled or composted.


In 2020, only 4.8% of the company’s waste was sent to landfills across its company facilities. When Zero Waste to Landfill status is fully achieved by 2025, just 1% or less will be sent to landfills. The company will continue to work with all company facilities to implement processes that promote a circular economy and eradicate waste.

Visit Danone North America or B Corporation for more information.

smaXtec makes managing cow health easier and more efficient

Avoiding the onset of serious diseases effectively and earliest possible is key to a healthier herd and to less antibiotics use in modern dairy farming. For this reason, the Graz-based agri-tech company smaXtec is expanding its system for continuous health monitoring of dairy cows to include “categorization of diseases by severity.” In the future, this new feature will make it even easier for farmers to determine the health status of an animal. In this way, diseases can be prevented with simple means even before the onset of serious symptoms.

With the new feature “Categorization of disease according to severity,” users can now recognize how severely a cow is ill and see at a glance which animal requires special attention. The algorithms not only process individual vital signs – factors such as the alarm combinations of the last 72 hours or each cow’s current phase in lactation are also considered in data analysis. In the app, animals are automatically ranked according to high, medium or low risk.

Visit smaXtec to learn more.

A simple, cost-effective activity monitoring solution is now available

Datamars Livestock has launched the Tru-Test Active Tag, a simple and cost-effective activity monitoring system. The system, available as either an eartag or neck collar, delivers the benefits of activity monitoring with efficient installation and minimal peripheral hardware, leading to a cost-effective activity monitoring solution.

The system provides access to real-time heat detection data to help improve reproduction efficiency. A multimetric analysis on individual cow behavior enables more accurate and timely heat detection, improving labor efficiency and reducing costs associated with timed A.I. The system also identifies and monitors events such as feeding, rumination, resting and activity to monitor animal welfare and signal a potential adverse health event.

A single data gateway is mounted in a high-traffic area. Individual cow behavior is recorded 24-7 by an eartag or neck collar and linked to each animal’s electronic animal identification tag. Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud whenever an animal is within 500 meters of the data gateway.

Since it’s a cloud-based system, data can be accessed from anywhere on a computer or mobile device as long as there is an internet connection. The herd nutritionist and veterinarian can have access to the data as well.

Visit Datamars Livestock for more information.

pHix-up app, a new tool for rumen acidity management

After launching pHix-up five years ago, TIMAB Magnesium continues innovating and supplies its clients with an app, helping to calculate the required dosage of the product in relation to the current buffer solutions and to the acidogenic risk of the ration.

The pHix-up App allows you to:

1. Measure the neutralizing capacity of the current buffer solution

2. Evaluate the acidogenic risk of the ration

3. Advise and adapt pHix-up dosage for better performances.

The new app is a free application for smartphones and tablets. The app is available on the product’s website and is coming soon on Google Play and Apple Store.

Visit pHix-u, Timab Magnesium and Roullier for more information.

New in-plant forage inoculants lower methane from ruminant livestock

Livestock producers can boost milk and meat production while lowering methane emissions more than 30% with new in-plant bacterial inoculants unveiled by Agrovive Biologicals.

The new inoculants – called “Seed2Rumen” and “Leaf2Rumen” – can be applied to the seed or to a standing crop of corn, sorghum, alfalfa and cereals being grown for silage. The crop-specific, multistrain bacteria enter the germinating seed or leaf to begin their functions within the growing plant. In-plant benefits include enhancing yield per acre and producing a forage that ensiles quickly to accelerate starch and fiber availability, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and supporting feed efficiencies in the rumen as well as nutrient recovery from manure.

Corn silage from these early on-farm trials was sent to Fermetrics Technologies. Their four-step analysis process supports a greater than 30% methane reduction. The final percent reduction will be released when the fourth analysis is completed later this summer.

On-farm testing for the 2022 growing season has expanded significantly. Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and distributor YieldMaster Solutions have initiated a nationwide on-farm evaluation program with Agrovive Biologicals.

Available crop-specific formulas are planned for corn, sorghum, alfalfa and cereals for silage harvest as well as tame pastures. Products will be available from a wide spectrum of seed brands and ag retailers across the U.S.

Visit Sustainable Milk for more information.

XL Block now in production

The XL blocks by Bohning Company Ltd. are now in production. Advantages include:

  • Stays put: Honeycomb pattern creates an ultra-strong bond with the glue and prevents glue waste.
  • No flame necessary: Our manufacturing process leaves no oily residue, so you don’t have to waste time burning it off before application. There is no need to apply heat/flame to the block, but you may do so if this is your preference.
  • Durable: Lasts up to three months in high-wear environments.
  • Made in USA.
  • Bi-directional use.
  • Hangable: Hole incorporated for hanging on a peg or lanyard
  • Three sizes available: Small (white), Large (purple) and XL (yellow).

Visit Bohning Block for more information.

New tool helps dairy farmers explore the economics of grazing dairy heifers

The newly debuted Heifer Grazing Compass is a spreadsheet tool designed to help farmers predict and understand the cash flow and long-term financial outcomes of deciding to raise heifers on pasture. Developed by the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems of CIAS and Grassland 2.0, the Heifer Grazing Compass compares the total economic implications of a farmer’s existing system with a potential pasture-based heifer-raising system.

The tool helps farmers lay out a pasture plan, considering both a financial and ecological strategy. One feature of the compass allows users to compare heifer-raising systems while keeping animal growth and development outcomes constant. The compass is site- and operation-specific. It is tailored toward Wisconsin farmers but still has great utility throughout the U.S.

The compass developers are further collaborating on a Beef Grazing Compass and a Pasture Management Compass to be released this summer. Visit Grassland 2.0 for more information.

Growers invited to enter World Forage Analysis Superbowl

Entries are being accepted for the World Forage Analysis Superbowl. The 2022 contest, held in conjunction with World Dairy Expo, is set to award over $26,000 in cash prizes.

The deadline to submit corn silage samples is July 8, while all other entries are due Aug. 25. Visit World Forage Analysis Superbowl for more information.

All award winners will be recognized at the Brevant Seeds Forage Superbowl Luncheon on Oct. 5 at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Staying connected to what counts is easy with John Deere 5 Series utility tractors

John Deere announces updates to its 5 Series utility tractors, which include more options to make it easier for rural property owners, farmers, ranchers and fleet owners to match the right tractor to the many jobs they need that tractor to do day after day.

For model year 2023, the three-cylinder versions of the 5E Series offer a new premium cab option, an engine that does not require an emission-related regen, larger tire options, an option for a true third function mid-valve for easier loader and grapple operation, and three new model numbers. Four models are offered in the three-cylinder lineup and include the 5050E, available with an open operator station, and the 5060E, 5067E and 5075E, available in an open operator station, standard cab or premium cab.

The premium cab features a redesigned right-hand console and includes electronic, quick raise/lower buttons that allow a single button push to raise or lower implements to preset depths.

The engine from the larger 6M utility tractor will now be used in the four-cylinder versions of the 5M and will bring five additional horsepower, with new model options, the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M and 5130M. The 5075M remains in the lineup for a three-cylinder, 74-horsepower option, available with either a cab or open station. High-crop and low-profile models will also receive a horsepower boost, and include the 5105MH, 5105ML, 5120ML and 5130ML.

Versatility is enhanced with an available bar-axle option, giving customers the flexibility to adjust tire spacing up to 90 inches. Tire spacing also can be narrowed to match row spacing in row-crop applications. The bar axle also opens the option for adding duals for increased stability, less ground pressure and easier operation across rough terrain.

Three transmission options are available on the 5M Series. The PowrReverser transmission is available on the 75- to 120-horsepower models. The PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions are available for the 95- to 130-horsepower models.

Production begins November 2022. Visit John Deere for more information.

Vytelle announces 2022 Top 150 proven bulls

Vytelle announces the release of the Top 150 proven bulls. The company is sharing high-accuracy bulls that have risen to the top of more than 94,000 animals of 25 different breeds and more than 289,000 RFI EPDs. Bulls appearing within the pages of the list must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of a three-generation pedigree
  • Residual feed intake (RFI) EPD accuracy of 0.6 or higher
  • Animal or progeny were tested on a Vytelle SENSE system

Visit Vytelle to find the full listing.

Hart Dairy named ‘Milk Product of the Year’ in 2022 Mindful Awards Program

The 2022 Mindful Awards Program announced that Hart Dairy has been selected as “Milk Product of the Year.” The dairy is the only national brand to sell milk from cows that are pasture-raised and grass-fed 365 days a year. Additionally, it’s the first pasteurized dairy cow milk sold in the U.S. with the Certified Humane designation. Hart Dairy is also Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.

The dairy’s regenerative agriculture practices help address climate change by rebuilding soil matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. Meanwhile, rotational grazing promotes recovery and growth of the fields, all while the cows are never confined.

Visit Mindful Awards Program or Hart Dairy for more information.

Organization news

Dairy Sustainability Alliance meeting addresses marketplace opportunities

Navigating social, environmental and economic issues facing dairy businesses in a world shifting from COVID-19 restrictions took center stage at the 2022 Dairy Sustainability Alliance spring meeting, held May 18-19. Representatives exchange ideas, best practices and tackle shared challenges on issues and opportunities affecting the industry to accelerate progress toward common sustainability goals. More than 270 representatives of these dairy value chain organizations attended in person or virtually.

Many of these organizations have adopted the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment signaling support for farmers, cooperatives and processors who voluntarily advance sustainability leadership and transparently report progress. To date, 35 dairy companies, representing more than 75% of U.S. milk production, have voluntarily adopted the commitment.

Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and Innovation Center CEO Barbara O’Brien opened the meeting by sharing key marketplace forces and trends she says the checkoff identified as significant opportunities for the U.S. dairy industry to innovate, demonstrate sustainability progress and impact and, ultimately, lead.

The areas O’Brien identified are:

  • New Digital Frontiers, Marketplace: The rapid acceleration in digital technologies and marketplaces that all business and sectors are assessing for challenges and opportunities. O’Brien said one in five dollars spent in the grocery channel will be through a digital transaction by 2025.
  • New Definition of Health and Wellness: Technology is playing a significant role in redefining how people manage their health and wellness. COVID-19 accelerated the do-it-yourself healthcare movement as physicians and the healthcare system came under strain. O’Brien said more than 60% of Americans report using food as medicine to manage or prevent health conditions.
  • Impact Imperative: Consumers have expectations of dairy and other businesses to lead in developing solutions that address societal challenges. O’Brien called it a “notion of purpose over profit” and said the pandemic, growing concern over climate change and other social and market forces have caused people to demand transparent accountability. She pointed to the Innovation Center’s 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals as a proactive step the industry has taken.
  • Inclusive Relevance: O’Brien said Gen Z – at 72 million strong – is the most diverse generation to date with a purchasing power of $100 billion. They expect companies and brands to reflect and meet their expectations around diversity and inclusivity.

Visit U.S. Dairy-Innovation Center for more information.

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative earns National Sustainability Recognition

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA) has earned the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s 2022 Sustainability Award for Outstanding Community Impact. The association’s nomination for Outstanding Community Impact centered around three clean water partnership programs: Maola Clean Water Partnership, the Giant Clean Water Partnership and the Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership. The work completed by these partnerships involved community giving campaigns at Giant grocery stores and volunteer engagement in a variety of sustainability efforts from trash pick-ups in urban areas to tree plantings on farms.

The association’s portfolio of sustainability work is funded through outside grants and donations. Through partnerships, over $19 million has been raised to invest in the sustainability of our member farms.

Visit Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association for more information.