Name: Lauryn Knott
City, state: Merced, California
Year: 2021-22

Summary of yourself and your ag/dairy background:

I was introduced to the agricultural industry at the age of seven. I was an avid member of the McSwain 4-H club showing dairy replacement heifers from 2015 to 2017 and was a member of the Merced FFA Chapter from 2018 to 2020. I am currently studying animal science, dairy production.

Schmitz audrey
Editor / Progressive Dairy

How your reign started:

Becoming a dairy princess was a goal I put in place years ago. The selection/crowning process consisted of an application each contestant submitted online, followed by an interview including questions about our knowledge, intentions and goals. After which, we presented a presentation geared toward exposing elementary-aged children to the dairy industry. The coronation may not have been traditional due to extenuating circumstances but was made enjoyable by all of California Milk Advisory Board’s (CMAB) efforts.

Your promotion activities over the past year:

Promotion activities over the last year have mainly consisted of parades, showcases and dinners. Social Media has been a vital tool in promoting the dairy princess program and our activities. @Cadairyprincess and @Altdairyprincess on Instagram have documented District 6’s adventures this year and will continue to. Following the mask mandate lifting, in-person school visits are beginning to fill the calendar.

California dairy princess promotion

Specific promotion activity you are most proud of from your reign:

Agriculture is prominent in Merced County; however, there are plenty of children who have never been exposed to the dairy industry or are solely exposed to misleading information. With mandates lifting and schools beginning to allow visitors, I believe the school visits made between March and May will be the most impactful part of my reign.

What you think it takes to be successful at promoting dairy:

Each and every dairy princess I’ve met or worked with through CMAB’s program legitimately loves attending promotional events and possesses a genuine passion for the industry. I believe our eagerness and willingness to invest time, energy and effort into providing insight extends a necessary olive branch between promoters and the young public.  end mark


PHOTO: Lauryn Knott snaps a picture with dairy princesses Selina Lopes and Avery Oliveria at the “Amplify” dairy sale hosted by Vierra Dairy of Hilmar, California. Photos provided by Lauryn Knott.