Looking for content to fill your earbuds while you work on the dairy or out in the field? The following is a list of dairy-specific podcasts with a solid track record of covering the dairy industry in their episodes. These podcasts have been consistently produced for more than six months in a row. The list is presented from longest running to newest podcasts.

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The Dairy Dive

The Dairy Dive is a newly reformatted podcast (formerly known as the MC Podcast) that is dedicated to diving deep into topics that are important to today’s dairy farms. Every other Wednesday hosts, Scott Harris and Andrew Crabtree, are joined by leading industry professionals to fully engage their expertise in unique aspects of dairy, exploring everything from robotic milkers to dairy nutrition. It’s a fun, and sometimes quirky, auditory experience that is unlike anything else in the ag podcast space. 

Started: March 2017


Average podcast length: 30 minutes


The Milk Check Podcast

On The Milk Check podcast, experts from T.C. Jacoby & Co (Jacoby Dairy Product Merchants) share market insights and analysis with dairy farmers in mind. Once a month, hosts discuss market forces and predict movements in the regional, national and international dairy markets.

Started January 2018

Average podcast length: 20 minutes


Talk Dairy to Me – DFA

Talk Dairy to Me explores new and exciting things happening at Dairy Farmers of America and within the dairy industry as a whole. Join host, Doug Dresslaer, as he talks you through some of the innovation happening in dairy in this monthly podcast.

Started: February 2018

Average podcast length: 25 minutes 


Something Greater – Land O’Lakes

This monthly co-op member-centric podcast focuses on topics that include legislative advocacy, member engagement, the state of dairy foods, e-commerce and ag tech. Host Kim Olson interviews guests who provide unique perspectives from leaders who are driving innovation.

Started: December 2018

Average podcast length: 30 minutes


Your Dairy Checkoff podcast

This podcast is a monthly showcase of how checkoff programs across the country are collaborating to build dairy sales and trust in today’s changing marketplace. Each episode is hosted by dairy farmers or industry experts. Listeners will hear conversations focused on local, national and global dairy promotion, including consumer research, dairy nutrition, science and issues updates. Farmers help guide the selection of topics through their feedback.

Started: July 2019

Average podcast length: 30 minutes


Progressive Dairy podcast

The Progressive Dairy podcast is for U.S. dairy producers and their industry partners. Each helpful, informative episode serves as an on-the-go companion to the reliable, trustworthy information you find when reading Progressive Dairy magazine. New episodes are released every other week on Tuesdays.

Started: September 2019

Average podcast length: 30 minutes 


Dairy Defined

The Dairy Defined podcast from the National Milk Producers Federation explores current issues affecting the dairy industry, with an emphasis on domestic policy, economics, international trade, sustainability and more.

Started: December 2019

Average podcast length: 10 minutes


Dairy Stream

The Dairy Stream podcast engages forward-thinking listeners on topics such as policy, sustainability, market trends, new technology and more. The host, Mike Austin, has 40 years of farm broadcasting experience and keeps the conversation flowing. An episode is released every third Wednesday at 7 a.m. CST. Dairy Stream is co-produced by the Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, sister organizations that fight for effective dairy policy in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

Started: February 2020

Average podcast length: 30 minutes


Michigan State University Extension Dairy Team’s Virtual Coffee Break

This is a short, informative podcast that presents interviews with farmers, researchers and industry experts. Interviews are conducted by Michigan State Extension educators. 

Started: March 2020

Average podcast length: 25 minutes


Real Science Exchange – Balchem

The Real Science Exchange podcast is recorded in video format and available as an audio-only podcast or via YouTube (www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL44nnBptmV4wquLm9_pdQ-Ikvc0uObmc4). Listen to this noncommercial podcast every two weeks to get to know top animal species researchers like you’ve never known them before. Go behind the scenes and hear the conversations that take place virtually over a few drinks with friends. Scott Sorrell moderates this “pub-cast” about hot topics and new ideas in animal science.

Started: September 2020 

Average podcast length: 60 minutes


The Dairy Download – IDFA

The Dairy Download is a biweekly podcast for anyone who follows the twists and turns of U.S. dairy markets. This podcast is witty, fast-moving and stacked with dynamic guests. Blimling’s Phil Plourd and Kathleen Wolfley host each episode, leading listeners through a rundown of action in the CME markets and things to watch. They go in depth with guests on consumer, market and policy trends shaping the dairy industry. 

Started: September 2020

Average podcast length: 30 minutes


The Dairy Show – World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo releases its biweekly podcast The Dairy Show to talk about all things dairy – from new technology to genetics and all things related to the colored shavings of the dairy industry’s biggest annual event. Join host Katie Schmitt and listen to new episodes released on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. 

Started: September 2020

Average podcast length: 35 minutes


Bovine Banter – Penn State Extension

Bovine Banter focuses on management, production and profitability to help make farms more successful. Join the Penn State Extension Dairy Team for informal, educational conversations weekly with dairy producers, industry representatives and Penn State faculty and research. The podcast covers hot topics in the dairy industry that will help dairy producers become more profitable. Guests will compare research with experiences of what has and has not worked on their farms and provide tips to help make you more successful.

Started: November 2020

Average podcast length: 20 minutes


Cow-Side Conversations

This podcast by the Center for Dairy Excellence shares real-time farmer insight, tricks of the trade and inspiring stories from dairies across the state of Pennsylvania. Hosted by the center’s Executive Director Jayne Sebright, this monthly podcast will feature dairy producers from across the Keystone State. 

Started: November 2020

Average podcast length: 30 minutes


RumiNation – Jefo

RumiNation is a series of conversations between host Chris Gwyn and different influencers of the North American dairy industry. Discussions revolve around the topics of animal welfare, management, profitability, productivity, longevity and sustainability.

Started: December 2020

Average podcast length: 15 minutes



The Bovinews podcast series highlights leaders and innovators in the beef and dairy industries who share their insights about business and management topics. Featured are short-form, management-focused chats, along with more in-depth conversations with industry leaders and experts.

Started: December 2020

Average podcast length: 25 minutes


Rumination podcast

“A podcast where we chew the cud on the dairy industry and on life.” Host Matt Kauffman interviews guests tied to the dairy industry who have a story, information, expertise or experiences to share. The podcast is fun, informational and even inspirational at times. 

Started: January 2021

Average podcast length: 40 minutes



STtalks is the podcast platform for STgenetics.

This podcast provides the latest information on technology and genetics. Many episodes will feature industry discussions with multiple members of the company's team, bringing light to topics we know producers are interested in.

Started: November 2021

Average podcast length: 20 minutes



Ever.ag is a comprehensive ag risk management company focused on providing their clients with the tools and knowledge to arm them in a competitive marketplace. Tune in for dairy and grain market updates on their biweekly podcast.

Started: February 2022

Average podcast length: 10 minutes

The LiveStack Podcast

The LiveStack Podcast by the AgriGates team brings industry-relevant, and timely topics and discussions to food animal agriculture with emphasis on the use of data and ag tech at the farm level. The podcast was created from internal and external conversations with food animal agriculture community members and experts worldwide. Listen to it on Spotify or the AgriGates website.

Started July 2022

Average podcast length: 45 minutes

The Dairy Intelligent Podcast

This podcast is for dairy farmers and industry professionals around the globe. Listen and learn as VES-Artex, a Turntide company, speaks with industry experts on innovation, operational efficiencies, sustainability and more. New episodes will be released bi-monthly.

Started: August 2022

Average podcast length: 25 minutes


Topics include corn silage harvest, COVID-19 management and cow health. 


International dairy podcasts

The Dairy Edge podcast

The Dairy Edge is Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority’s weekly dairy podcast for farmers. Presented by Emma-Louise Coffey, the podcasts will cover the latest information, insights and opinion to improve dairy farm performance.