New Holland launches upgraded lineup of Guardian front boom sprayers utilizing Raven precision technology for more integrated experience and efficient use

New Holland Agriculture North America is redefining its lineup of SP310F, SP370F and SP410F Guardian front boom sprayers to feature new technological and precision capabilities. These sprayers integrate the advanced precision technologies from Raven with the high horsepower and large tanks New Holland sprayers are known for to enhance efficiency in and out of the field while covering more acres per hour in the field.

Connected Workflow and integration of Raven precision technology takes Guardian brand to next level

This lineup of Guardian sprayers incorporates precision technologies: Slingshot from Raven and IntelliSpray II. The data generated from these features are collected, streamlined and aggregated by Raven’s Connected Workflow system. The Connected Workflow system works by syncing data from the office to the field and back again for simplified management of work, idle and transit time. The data can be used to create programs and strategies like herbicide rate prescriptions for individual fields and is accessible by the operator through the Slingshot mobile app.

With the incorporation of IntelliSpray II, the Guardian sprayers now offer the most precise nozzle control system on the market and ensure unmatched droplet coverage accuracy, up to 2.5 times more accurate than comparable systems. These enhancements help operators and growers optimize coverage, minimize skips and overlaps, and reduce input costs. The IntelliSpray II pulse width modulation system leads the industry with a broader range of applications – standard, bypass, variable pressure, high flow, high flow VP and on/off – higher flow and pressure ratings of up to 17% increased flow and operating pressure and greater level of accuracy due to its 20Hz pulse rate.

The utilization of Slingshot on the Guardian sprayers empowers operators and growers to make more data-driven decisions in and out of the field. Slingshot generates a high-level view of data from beginning through completion of a job, including traceability reports, application records, fleet efficiency track edits and transferable work orders.


Working alongside the Slingshot telematics is the VSN Visual Guidance, which uses state-of-the-art image sensor and processing technologies to deliver a quicker response rate, better overall sprayer control, reduced operator fatigue and improved data collection. These components have been shown to improve efficiency by 20%. To accomplish these tasks, the visual guidance system uses cameras and radars to guide the boom and driveline of the sprayer. The use of the VSN system has proven to save time and financial resources by minimizing the margin of error and crop damage that can be inflicted by self-propelled sprayers.

56198-coyne-1.jpgPhoto courtesy of Kuhn.

Kuhn GA 13231 and 15231 quad-rotor rotary rakes

The new Kuhn GA 13231 and 15231 quad-rotor rotary rakes have the size and performance for the most demanding operations. Working widths from 27-feet-7-inches to 48-feet-3-inches cover large areas quickly, while double-bent tine arms create fluffy windrows while gently handling crop, preserving nutrient content. Kuhn's Masterdrive GIII double-reduction gearbox's ability to move heavy, wet crop, handle dry hay gently and neatly windrow forage is unrivaled in the industry.

The patented Kuhn Masterdrive GIII double-reduction gearbox is designed for heavy crops, tough field conditions and intensive use. Key components are improved to build lighter, yet stronger rotors. These include optimized cam track that minimizes force on the follower bearing, larger follower bearing diameter that reduces rotation speed and pressure on the cam, and reinforced large-diameter main shaft tube. Additional improvements to the tine arms include aluminum alloy tine arm holder housings, tine arms with large-dimension bearings, sturdier pivoting tine support shaft and reinforced mounting of tine arms on tine holders.

The exclusive “boost function” allows front rotors to rotate 20% faster than the rear rotors, moving forage further to the center of the machine. This reduces the risk of forage clumping to improve drying quality and future collection and harvesting of the windrow.

AEF-certified Isobus controls adjust all settings of the rake via the in-cab terminal, these include working and windrow width, simultaneous or individual front rotor lift, raking height, machine folding, etc. Kuhn offers two Isobus monitor options – the CCI 800 or CCI 1200 – both featuring a color touchscreen and the new IHM interface. These rakes can also be easily integrated into an existing Isobus terminal that is already installed on the tractor. A programmable CCI A3 joystick and camera are available as options.

Kuhn North America Inc. of Brodhead, Wisconsin, is a leading innovator in agricultural and industrial equipment. Kuhn offers a broad range of hay and forage, livestock and crop production tools, as well as landscape and road maintenance equipment. Kuhn, Kuhn Knight and Kuhn Krause products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and many other countries.

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Meristem announces two new tech-delivery systems designed to boost performance of biologicals

Meristem announced the commercial launch of two patent-pending biological delivery systems – Bio-Capsule and Microbilize – building on their effort to bring real productivity gains to farmers. Both innovative technology systems result from work with leading industry partners and are designed to work seamlessly with farming operations to dramatically increase the performance of a broad range of biologicals.

The Bio-Capsule Technology Planter Box Delivery System is a revolutionary packaging system designed to carry, protect and dispense a multitude of biologicals into a seed lubricant blend plus micronutrients. It will be launched commercially in crop-year 2023 as part the Revline Hopper Throttle product evolution.

Microbilize Microbe Technology Delivery System, the second patent-pending product announced, covers a liquid formulation technology that enhances microbe health, increases vigor and speeds reproduction at the target. Microbilize uses a surfactant system, fulvic acid and other ingredients to increase the shelf life and performance of microbes. The first commercial launch for Microbilize is a new improvement of Meristem’s industry-leading residue management and nutrient release product – Excavator.

John Gertz, Meristem’s COO, said combining Excavator and Revline Hopper Throttle can truly be considered the starter system for the next generation. “That’s why we focused on getting these new delivery systems right – to bring more real productivity to American farmers.” He said Bio-Capsule is a step-change innovation enabling a bolt-on of new formulations without the expense of re-registration, which reduces waste. “Simply put, we can help farmers add more bushels and keep more of what they earn from each one.”

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Yanmar Compact Equipment North America to highlight new products at Equip Expo 2022

Yanmar Compact Equipment North America encompasses the Yanmar Compact Equipment and ASV brands. Yanmar Compact Equipment will feature the newly introduced next-generation ViO17-1E mini excavator along with the ViO35-6A and SV40 models. Additionally, ASV’s new Yanmar-powered RT-50 and RT-40 Posi-Track loaders will make their trade show debut, while the MAX-Series RT-135F and RT-75 loaders will be showcased at the trade show for the first time.

Yanmar Compact Equipment will showcase its next-generation ViO17-1E mini excavator, released in August. The recently updated ViO17-1E offers a 4,023-pound operating weight and 14.5-horsepower engine and is best suited for residential work, landscaping and small general construction projects. Like all ViO (Victory over Zero) models, the ViO17-1E features true zero trail swing technology for maximum workplace performance in tight spaces. Yanmar Compact Equipment will also exhibit the company’s SV40 model developed specifically for the North American market, as well as the ViO35-6A.

ASV’s two new Yanmar-powered models are making their trade show debut: the recently introduced RT-50 and RT-40. Both models feature new Yanmar engines that can be serviced at ASV dealers. The machines have also been updated with some of the comfort and visibility features of the larger MAX-Series line. The new Yanmar-powered RT-50 is paired with a powerful 53.8-horsepower Tier 4, three-cylinder turbocharged engine and utilizes ASV’s Posi-Power system for high tractive effort and exceptional pushing and digging power. The compact track loader allows operators to be more productive with high-performance thanks, in part, to a nimble 58.5-inch width, a 9.1-foot lift height, a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity and a 7.1 mph top speed. The repowered RT-40 compact track loader includes a more powerful, new 38.2-horsepower Tier 4, three-cylinder Yanmar engine­ and is outfitted with ASV’s Posi-Power system like its RT-50 counterpart.

ASV’s MAX-Series RT-135F and RT-75 loaders will be featured at Equip Expo for the first time. These models include a next-generation cab featuring premium 360-degree visibility, a more spacious operator area, a fully adjustable seat, a new state-of-the-art touchscreen display and more. The new RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track loader is the industry’s most powerful compact track loader, featuring 10% more horsepower than the previous titleholder it replaces, ASV’s RT-120. This additional power allows it to maintain best-in-class machine performance while operating high-flow attachments.