Photo courtesy of New Holland.


New Holland launches all-new lineup of Discbine Plus Series center-pivot disc mower-conditioners

New Holland Agriculture North America is once again redefining the disc mower-conditioner with the introduction of the new Discbine Plus Series. For modern hay producers, New Holland understands they need equipment that improves their productivity and optimizes their quality to preserve valuable feed nutrients. That’s exactly what New Holland designed the Discbine Plus Series to help customers do.

These machines include a maneuverable center-pivot tongue and standard swivel gearbox hitch that permit confident, fast operation and easy, trouble-free headland turns. 

High-capacity, clean-cutting and durable mowers

All Discbine Plus models utilize the MowMax II Plus disc cutterbar with the QuickMax knife-change system. This newly redesigned cutterbar delivers the cleanest cut yet from New Holland and commercial durability. It is similar to the cutterbar featured on Durabine Plus disc headers for Speedrower Plus self-propelled windrowers. 

Delivering a faster tip speed, the cutterbar comes equipped with longer knives. This slimmer cutterbar improves cut quality, while a 30% lower cutting height leaves less behind in down and tangled crops. For cleaner cutting in light or late-season crops, the reshaped rock guards enhance crop-to-knife engagement. 


Saving hassle, time and repair costs by fending off potential damage, these models utilize ShockPRO disc drive hubs that absorb impacts to protect drive components. These components are also quick to replace in the field, enabling haymakers to keep mowing when conditions are right. For additional peace of mind, all Discbine Plus models come with 36 months of factory cutterbar warranty coverage. 

Better control equals better windrows

For the best conditioning and fast drydown, the WideDry conditioning system is sized for each model to deliver uniform conditioning and smooth crop flow. Conditioning system options include New Holland’s chevron intermeshing rubber rolls or chevron intermeshing steel rolls with proven torsion bar pressure system for nonstop mowing. For optimal grass hay conditioning, the LeaningEdge flail tine conditioning system is available.

Improving crop drydown, Discbine Plus models offer increased crop control when windrowing or swathing. A 5-inch longer horizontal swath gate fitted with adjustable crop spreading wedges help break up crop streams. They're also fitted with adjustable crop fins for added windrow control. 

The windrow forming shields are also 5 inches taller than previous Discbine models and work with the swath gate to produce a tunnel effect. Specifically, this taller design with greater curvature at the bottom provides more precise windrow control, helping to tuck the edges in for neater-looking swaths with improved drydown.

Photo courtesy of Kuhn.


Kuhn GA 4201 and 4401 single-rotor, mounted rotary rakes

The new Kuhn GA 4201 and 4401 single-rotor, mounted rotary rakes build on the popularity of the prior generation of Kuhn’s single-rotor rotary rakes, with increased focus on smaller tractor sizes and operations in hilly regions. Special consideration was taken to ensure a limited machine weight and enhanced ergonomics. Operators will appreciate the updated pivoting headstock, the enhanced rotor gearbox and the simplified windrow curtain adjustment.

The updated pivoting headstock allows a greater turning angle of 48 degrees to maneuver in tight field corners. Machine shifting and swinging is also reduced, protecting crop stubble. The headstock stabilizers also improve performance during turns and while working on slopes.

Double-curved tine arms are designed to form fluffy and consistent windrows for superior raking quality. The tine arm design allows for quicker dispensing of the forage and improves clearance while forming windrows. Fluffy windrows allow more air movement through the crop promoting fast and uniform drying.

The simplified windrow curtain adjustment sliding tube creates quick and easy adjustments to the windrow width. Easy adjustments to the rake height are completed using a crank accessible from the tractor cab. The rake height mechanism allows for adjustments, even when the whole weight of the rake is supported by the rotor wheels.

Photo courtesy of Kuhn.


Kuhn GF 1003 Series mounted and trailed rotary tedders

The new Kuhn GF 1003 Series trailed and mounted rotary tedders provide efficient, uniform fluffing and smooth performance over irregular ground. New OptiTedd small-diameter rotors improve rotor strength, promotes superior ground following and supports uniform crop drydown with the help of complete crop inversion. 

The DigiDrive coupling system makes it possible to reliably drive a large number of rotors, while still allowing folding for unmatched transport ease. DigiDrive contains case-hardened forged steel fingers for improved wear resistance. Synchronization of rotational movement is outstanding both in work and in transport where the components are folded nearly 180 degrees to reduce the machine’s space requirement. It is a highly reliable system requiring very little maintenance, with no daily greasing necessary.

Robust rotor gearboxes are supported by large-diameter, double-row angular ball bearings. Sealed rotor housing prevents lubricant leaks and the introduction of contaminants. The sturdy mounting of rotor gearbox housings to the edge of the frame maximizes strength and durability.

The new OptiTedd small-diameter rotors work with a steep angle of attack, completely inverting the crop for fast, uniform drying. The reduced distance between the wheel and tines allows for excellent ground following, limiting the introduction of impurities and ash into the crop.

Photo courtesy of Woods Equipment.


Woods announces new commercial Turf Batwing finish mower line

Woods Equipment will debut the Turf Batwing, a redesigned and improved commercial finish mower. 

The new Turf Batwing combines unsurpassed cut quality with extreme durability. It’s available in three models: TBW12.40, TBW15.40 and TBW17.40, ranging from a cut width of 144 inches to 204 inches. The Turf Batwing boasts features that will help users tackle challenging terrains and overcome demanding commercial applications.

  • Top-rated technology: The Turf Batwing uses the same decks, designs and components as the TurfKeeper Pro, which was proven to have the best cut quality among top competitors in an independent study conducted by a leading turfgrass management university.
  • Cuts faster and more evenly: The unique blade and deck design gives greater lift to allow it to cut more evenly. A wider discharge provides more evenly distributed clippings, even at higher speeds, so users can mow faster without sacrificing cut quality.
  • Handles more load: Improved belt design handles 12.5% more horsepower than previous models. The mower can travel faster without the belt slipping, keeping mowing quality intact at higher speeds.
  • Handles challenging terrain: Its repositioned wheels limit scalping and better handle rolling and uneven terrain.
  • Guaranteed for years: Woods stands behind its products with an industry-leading, six-year gear box warranty, including seals, and a three-year spindle warranty.
  • Designed for durability: Tested to withstand 2,000 hours of continuous runtime.

The Turf Batwing is available through an authorized Woods dealer. Find a dealer and learn more about the Turf Batwing on the Woods Equipment website and on YouTube.