In this episode, editors Kimmi Devaney and Dave Natzke discuss the trends and insights they learned from talking with more than 100 dairy producers and industry leaders across the U.S. while compiling the 2023 State of Dairy coverage, which appeared in the March 12, 2023, issue of Progressive Dairy.

Season 5, episode 7

Here's a breakdown of the episode:

  1. What we mean when we say “State of Dairy coverage”? [~2:20]
  2. How this annual coverage originated [~3:10]
  3. This year’s trends compared to the last few years [~3:45]
  4. Areas of optimism for the dairy industry in 2023 [~5:00]
  5. Overview of some of the words dairy producers and industry leaders used to describe 2023 [~6:30]
  6. Summary of some of the concerns and challenges facing the dairy industry in 2023 according to those Dave and Kimmi talked with across the industry [~7:40]
  7. Processing capacity strengths and weaknesses across the nation [~9:15]
  8. How dairy producers are addressing current challenges [~9:50]
  9. Noteworthy insights regarding the Federal Milk Marketing Order reform or other policies and regulations [~10:55]
  10. Dave and Kimmi discuss what they think brings the most optimism for the dairy industry in 2023 [~13:25]
  11. Rapid-fire questions: Get to know Dave Natzke [~15:25]

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