In this session with Virtus, Western Sales Manager Renee Smith shares the impact that feeding adequate levels of essential fatty acids have on embryo development and retention. Listen in to learn how feeding EPA/DHA for greater reproductive efficiency is working in breeding heifers, in IVF programs, and in lactating herds as well.

Season 6, Episode 24

This episode is sponsored by Virtus Nutrition.

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At Virtus Nutrition our mission is to help you feed a better balance of fatty acids to improve reproduction, health, and profitability. In the early 2000’s, we invented the process to deliver EPA/DHA in a form that dairy cows can utilize. Since then, we’ve developed several products, including Strata and EnerG-3, that give customers flexibility in how to deliver these essential fatty acids to their cows. Lost pregnancies are costly at every stage of pregnancy, and EPA/DHA is the pregnancy nutrient that resolves inflammation, supports healthy embryo development, and improves retention of pregnancy.


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