In this episode, Lucas Fuess from Rabobank joins host Kimmi Devaney to chat about economic conditions, the factors affecting them and key insights from recent Rabobank reports related to milk production, on-farm margins and more.

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Season 6, Episode 25

Here's a breakdown of the episode:

  • [~1:10] About Rabobank and what their dairy team does
  • [~2:05] What dairy producers can expect to see with milk prices and dairy markets for the remainder of 2024
  • [~4:45] Factors affecting these economic conditions
  • [~7:00] Impact on dairy farm margins and profitability
  • [~8:30] Projections for milk production and herd size expectations this year and into 2025
  • [~12:35] The impact of highly pathogenic avian influenza on dairy markets
  • [~16:00] Dairy price changes at the grocery store leading up to barbecue season
  • [~18:35] An overview of Mary Ledman’s recent paper about the impact of China’s increased self-sufficiency in dairy production on world dairy markets
  • [~21:20] What dairy producers should know about the U.S. dairy export competitiveness and other global shifts
  • [~24:50] Rapid-fire questions

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