During World Dairy Expo, Progressive Dairyman editors heard from dairy producers that some thought this year was worse for their farm than 2009.

Progressive Dairyman began a poll in October to ask which of the two years was worse. After receiving more than 300 responses online and over the phone, the results are nearly evenly split. 

PD Poll

Below are a few responses from farmers who commented on the phone or on Dairy Forums to the poll:

“I think ’16 is far worse. In ’09, there was hope for better days. Now, I don’t think anybody who is reasonable thinks it’s going to get better anytime soon.”

“’16 is much better than ’09 in my opinion, In 08/09 everyone appeared to freeze. Any expansion/improvement was put on hold. This time around there are some who have had to quit, unfortunately, but there is continued growth/improvement on a lot more farms than there was in 08/09.”


“The prices have been worse this year for milk than they have ever been.”  end mark