PD Editor Walt Cooley recently invited DuPont Pioneer to discuss their new Inoculant Value Calculator. Responses are from Kyle Whitaker, senior sales and marketing manager in the DuPont Pioneer Global Forages Group. What is the web address?www.pioneer.com/ivc

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What is the purpose of the website?
The calculator helps dairymen quantify the value of inoculants for their operation. This tool will show value of benefits including: dry matter recovery, bunk life and fiber digestibility from specific inoculants. The calculator is based on data from over 143 product development trials.


Why was it developed?
It’s often difficult to “measure” the true value of inoculant products in the field.

Pioneer has been researching bacterial strains that provide increased quantity and quality of silage for over 35 years. Based on this work we have a tremendous amount of data that documents value.

We developed this value calculator to help dairymen estimate the economic value of our inoculant products.


Through a series of input questions that are specific to their operation, the dairyman is given inoculant products that pertain to the specific crop that is being ensiled and the associated value tied to each benefit that particular product provides.

Who should use it?
The tool is very simple to use and is available free to anyone who has a base level of understanding regarding a dairy operation.

What are some of its unique features?
It has been developed to show value of products based on the specific crop ensiled, the type of storage structure used and it quantifies value of three available technology categories: fermentation (front end shrink reduction), aerobic stability (back end shrink and bunk life) and fiber digestibility (opportunity to feed more forage in the ration and reduce ration costs).

This helps the dairyman select a crop-specific product and the available technology options with that category.

Why is inoculant valuation an important topic to understand?

Getting the most out of feed inventory has always been important. Based on current high forage costs and grain prices, it is even more critical.

Effective management practices including the use of an inoculant can help dairymen maximize their feed inventory and overall profitability. PD