Schaefer Ventilation of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, is introducing a family of 54-inch belt drive galvanized panel fans for animal cooling. Schaefer’s 54-inch panel fan is available with 3- or 5-wing galvanized blades and 1, 1.5 and 2 HP single-or 3-phase motors. All but the 2 HP single-phase fan operates at both 60 Hz and 50 Hz.

The fans have composite v-pulleys, fiber reinforced v-belts, spring-loaded swing arm style belt tensioners and the most robust motor mount uprights in the industry for low maintenance, long life and energy efficient operation.

The fans were independently tested at Bess Labs. They move about 15 percent more air and more air/watt than the equivalent 52-inch panel fan.

The common 543GP112-3 delivers 35.1 pounds of thrust which equates to 42,770 cfm at 29.3 cfm/watt. The 2 HP version, 543GP2-3 delivers 39.5 pounds of thrust which equates to 45,350 cfm at 26.6 cfm/watt.

With a 54-inch panel fan, producers can use six fans where they would have used seven 52-inch panel fans in the past, with resulting energy savings. Or they can increase the wind speed over their cows’ backs by 15 percent with no increase in energy consumption over the comparable 52-inch panel fan.


The 54-inch fans are suitable for ceiling- or post-mounting. The necessary mounting accessories are also available from Schaefer. PD

—From Schaefer Ventilation news release