The Dairy Research Institute, through the support of thedairy checkoff, announced the winners of the inaugural DairyResearch Institute’s New Product Competition during a ceremonyJuly 16 at the 2012 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clemson University won first place for their oat-infusedvanilla milk, dubbed “tOATal Milk.” The winning team memberswho developed the product are Jason Raines (left), Katie Queen(center) and Sara Stancil (right). All three are graduate studentsin the university’s food, nutrition and culinary sciences master’sprogram.

Toni Gnomes (not pictured) designed the package label.

Created with health-conscious adults in mind, tOATal Milk isenhanced with protein, probiotics, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA)and fiber. PD

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