Fluid Dynamics, a world leader in the field of chemical-free scale prevention and removal, introduces the money-saving Scaletron to the dairy market. Proven in trials and supported by testimonials, the benefits of scale prevention include: Milk stone elimination When present, scale provides a receptive surface for the protein components that promote milk stone formation.

Scaletron prevents the scale build up and, as a consequence, prevents milk stone formation.

For the dairy farmer, this leads to savings in chemical usage and time as sanitary cleaning is less laborious.

Eliminating hard water scale
Scaletron prevents scale in heat exchangers, water heaters and all other milk handling equipment. Scale increases energy costs because it acts as an insulator, meaning more energy is required to bring liquids to the desired temperature.

Scaletron prevents any new scale build up and, over time, gradually removes scale that may have accumulated in the past.


Scaletron is easily installed on existing or new systems, is totally chemical free, and requires no energy or maintenance. PD

—From Fluid Dynamics news release

Photo courtesy of Fluid Dynamics.