Margaret Winsryg Twin Falls, Idaho Dairy Nutritionist/Professional Liaison Calibrate Technology

What education are you bringing with you to this position?
I have a bachelor of science in animal science from the University of Arizona, a master’s of science in ruminant nutrition from the University of Arizona. In addition, I completed a PhD and a Post Doc in ruminant nutrition from Utah State University.

Please describe your agricultural background.
I was raised with beef and horses in Arizona but have lived in Idaho for the last 15 years. We have also raised some dairy heifers, beef and grown hay on a small scale.

What territory will you cover?
My responsibilities are on a national level.

What are your new responsibilities?
It is my responsibility to provide sales and service support to nutritionists and producers on the Calibrate technologies calculator as well as most customer service responsibilities as pertain to Calibrate technologies.


Calibrate technologies is a tool to closer predict the rumen digestibility of starch and fiber to better optimize ration inputs.

What previous positions have you held?
Previously I have worked for the USDA research station in Logan, Utah. I have also worked with Purina Mills as a technical support specialist for the northwest in dairy and equine nutrition and as an independent consultant in Idaho for MNM Consulting, LLC.

What excites you most about working in your new role?
This new role is very exciting because it deals with the technology side of the dairy industry. We know quite a bit about feeding cows, but now we need to maximize our forages as the cost of all feed ingredients increase.

With this technology we can get more precise with our ration changes and manage the variation of ruminal starch and fiber digestion.

How will you be of most help to producers in your region or area of expertise?
I will be of most help by running the calculator for nutritionists and consultants, providing them with information on how their current ingredients might be varying and possibly affect their herds.

Why did you choose this company?
I have worked with the Calibrate technologies team in the past and believe they are the very best at what they do. In addition, the direction Calibrate technologies is heading will be a huge benefit to nutritionists and dairy producers by measuring and managing the variation of ruminal starch, fiber and forage digestibility.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
Support the Calibrate technologies team as well as nutritionists, consultants and producers through customer support, in a timely manner. PD