Dan Bauer DeForest, Wisconsin GMS Development Manager ABS Global

Please describe your agricultural background.

I have a very diverse and extensive dairy background. Growing up on my family’s commercial Holstein dairy in central Wisconsin gave me a great start in the industry and got me very interested in the dairy business. Being located in that area gave me the opportunity to work at both commercial and registered dairy herds while growing up. Gaining experience on different sizes and styles of operations has been imperative to my career. These experiences have emphasized the importance of offering flexible programs that appeal to a broad cross-section of dairy business owners.

What education are you bringing with you to this position?
My education features a bachelor’s degree in dairy science with an emphasis in production systems from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. During my time at UW I was extremely active in the university’s world-famous Badger Dairy Club. Through being a member I was able to serve as a World Dairy Expo Grounds Chairman, Royal Winter Fair Chair and Yearbook Chair. While I was at college I was also a member of the national contest winning UW – Madison Dairy Judging Team in 2005.

What territory will you cover?
ABS Global is headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, where I will I have an office and spend a portion of my time. Because ABS is a global company that markets genetics and genetic services in over 80 countries worldwide the GMS department is responsible for providing leadership to our global sales team. I am looking forward to spending a significant amount of my time in the field providing sales support to both our domestic and international markets.

What are your new responsibilities?
In my new role as GMS Development Manager at ABS Global I will be responsible for providing industry leading genetic management sales support to our global sales team. Our department will focus on offering our sales team specialized genetic management training so that they will be able to help their customers improve the profitability of their dairy businesses through genetic selection and genetic management. We will also be constantly developing new genetic management tools to improve not only the profitability of our customers’ businesses but also help them manage their dairy’s genetics in an easier and more efficient manner.


What previous positions have you held?
After college graduation I accepted a role with the American Jersey Cattle Association to be assistant manager of their marketing service, JMS. In this role I was involved with all aspects of the sale business while spending part of my time as a type traits appraiser for AJCA’s functional type traits program. In 2008, I was promoted to JMS manager where I was responsible for managing the overall JMS business. Earlier this year I spent time as an area sales manager for CRV-USA. In this role I gained direct sales experience marketing genetic solutions to WI dairymen of every size.

What excites you most about working in your new role?
I am extremely excited about the upcoming challenges involved with this broad role in a company as large and as successful as ABS Global. I am very passionate about dairy cattle and dairy cattle genetics and feel very fortunate to be involved with the development of ABS’s GMS program. GMS is a recognized worldwide leader in genetic management systems. I am looking forward to helping further develop the program as well as designing new genetic tools that will help meet the needs of the ever-progressing dairy industry.

How will you be of most help to producers in your region or area of expertise?
GMS is focused at helping dairymen manage the genetics in their herd. GMS is very customizable and allows dairymen to help breed the kind of cow that is most profitable for their style of management in their specific region in the world. GMS can help simplify genetic management decisions made at the farm level. It can offer valuable information to each customer that can help them make all kinds of management decisions. These decisions could include, but are not limited to calving ease protection, culling decisions, inbreeding management, individual matings and overall service sire selection.

Why did you choose this company?
I have always had a lot of respect for ABS Global – for its people, services and products. ABS has consistently worked to be able to offer products and services that improve the profitability of dairymen that are every shape and size. ABS and its commitment to helping its customers ultimately succeed is the main thing that attracted me to their company.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
I am committed to helping create value for ABS customers through building on current GMS tools while also developing new ones. How much dairymen around the world use GMS services in their breeding programs will be how we measure the program’s success. It is my goal that the GMS department continues to listen to our customers, spend time on their farms and continue to learn about their dairy businesses. If our department can be proactive and responsive to our customers, it will be those customers that tell us what services and tools their operations will demand for years to come. PD