Accelerated Genetics has announced AMP Genetics, which they called "the most complete genomic testing service in the industry" in a news release.

The new service uses female selection, which has the largest genomic benefit in herds for reducing generation interval and increasing reliability. Trait evaluations are conducted for production, health, longevity and appearance.

Using this genomic testing service, producers can predict the future performance of their herd and invest wisely in herd replacements. As part of the service, the company provides consultants to help analyze herd data and help develop matings to increase herd profitability.

“We realize the value of your herd’s genetics and its important impact on making financially sound management decisions,” said Joel Groskreutz, president and CEO of the company. “Through AMP Genetics, your herd will get a complete genetic analysis along with a trained genetic consultant to support your genetic goals.”

The company also provides a way for farmers to manage their herds' genomic results. Users can log in to the company website for their individual female proof updates and results storage, without having to track multiple results files or wait for email. Users also have access to instant analytic and genetic progress tracking features to easily interpret results.


For more information, email Accelerated Genetics. PD

—From Accelerated Genetics news release