Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. is updating the company's Excelyte sales and marketing efforts to dairy farmers. The company has been focusing primarily on the Utah and Idaho markets recently and is currently selling the products to 11 dairies with approximately 3,700 dairy cows.

In addition, 31 dairies in these markets, with an aggregate of approximately 32,000 dairy cows, are currently evaluating the products.

The company also continues to target distribution in Montana, California, Oregon and Washington where it estimates that there are approximately 2,475 dairies and 2,164,000 dairy cows.

The company's dairy customers continue to use the product as a non-toxic, pre-milking teat dip application.

Some customers are also using the products as a laundry disinfectant for micro-fiber towels used on teats, as a stall and surface disinfectant for use in dairy barns and as a treatment for the water being consumed by the dairy cows.


The company has also added Northstar Dairy Services and Gem State Dairy Supply as distributers of the product in the Utah and Idaho markets.

Tony Rawlings, president of Northstar Dairy Services, commented, "We believe that it is not only effective as a pre-milking teat dip, but that it also has great utility throughout a dairy farm's operations as a disinfectant that will not harm the cows but will kill the bacteria that threatens the health of the dairy cow and the quality of the milk. “

David LaVance, CEO of Integrated Environmental Technologies said, "We continue to make progress in the sales and marketing of Excelyte to dairies.

"We will continue the roll-out of the products in the Mountain West states with the goal of eventually rolling out the product nationwide." PD

From Integrated Enviromental Technologies news release