Owners of V-Valley Farm in Wisconsin have filed a $50,000 claim against local officials for actions they took to prevent the farm from spraying liquid manure. According to the claim, the town chairman and two board members have harassed or obstructed the drivers of equipment carrying the farm’s fertilizer from the Granton farm to another property.

On Nov. 23, hired haulers transporting partially filled tankers from the farm were prevented by town officials from traveling on Miller Avenue to the rental property, said Roberta Heckes, the attorney representing the claimants, in an article in the Marshfield News Herald .

Following a complaint about the Nov. 23 incident listed in the claim, a Clark County Sheriff’s Department deputy was dispatched to the scene. According to the Marshfield News Herald 's summary of the event:

"The two Washburn officials at the site, Mortenson and Sebesta, said the tankers were overweight and damaging the roads, according to the report. The men said the farmers hauling manure don’t pay taxes in Washburn so they can’t use the road. The report continued that the men said the tractors used were dragging mud and manure onto the roadway causing a hazard."

After heated discussion with the town officials, Sheriff's Department staff verified the tankers were traveling less than full and the roads were inspected for debris or damage. The haulers were allowed to proceed to the property.


If the town and officials deny the claim, litigation could be pursued by suing the officials in civil court. PD

—From the Marshfield News Herald ( Click here to read the full article.)