Last winter, a fire damaged Darigold's milk plant in Lynden, Washington, destroying one of the two dryers that turn milk into powder at the facility. Darigold then embarked on a $22 million project to replace the damaged dryer with new technology to improve efficiency. The project should be completed later this month or in May.

According to an article in The Bellingham Herald, local dairy farmers view the near completion of this project as good news. The damaged dryer initially forced Whatcom County dairy farmers to decrease milk production. As the new dryer comes online, the milk cap is expected to be lifted.

"It's also a huge psychological boost to Lynden that Darigold is willing to spend (up to $22 million) to upgrade this facility," dairy farmer Larry DeHaan told the Herald.

"It gives us dairy farmers hope to continue in this industry."

The Lynden plant exports a very large percentage of its products, primarily to Asia. The new dryer will allow the plant to make whole-milk powder, which the facility had previously been unable to do – essentially opening up a new market. PD


—From an article in The Bellingham Herald (Click here to read the full article.)