Salmonellosis is a pervasive disease that is hard to keep out of a dairy operation. With help from a new online tool from Pfizer Animal Health, dairy producers can assess their risk of a Salmonella outbreak. The short self-assessment — found at — helps producers find proactive measures to help lessen the risk of a disastrous outbreak. “Salmonella is on the rise and is a risk to every dairy operation,” says Gary Neubauer, senior manager, dairy technical services, Pfizer Animal Health.

“Dairies are operating at a faster pace than ever before with cattle, feed and people going on and off the farm every day. It’s important for producers to consider how much risk they are willing to take on.”

While taking the assessment, producers answer questions about on-farm hygiene, accessibility and animal health practices. Once completed, the tool provides a personalized Salmonella reduction plan that can be printed or emailed to the herd veterinarian.

Together, producers and veterinarians can use this plan to review current protocols and management practices, and establish ways to help reduce risk and build immunity to Salmonella.

“Salmonella infections do not always show clinical signs, and producers should not wait until they have a clinical problem to address this important issue,” Neubauer explains.


“By taking the assessment, recognizing the risks and using proactive control measures, you can lessen the likelihood of a financial crisis caused by Salmonella.”

The assessment was created with contributions from industry experts, including John M. Gay, Washington State University; Ernest Hovingh, Penn State University; and Larry Slinden, Epitopix, LLC. PD

—From Pfizer Animal Health news release