Cowtown Holsteins Derby Line, Vermont Online news outlet quoted dairy producer Doug Nelson in an April 15 article about declining milk prices and dairy policy. Nelson’s 3,000-head Cowtown Holsteins is the largest dairy operation in Vermont. University of Delaware’s UDairy Creamery KWWL, a news station serving eastern Iowa, acknowledged Jacob Hunt of Newton, Iowa, for his membership on the University of Delaware’s UDairy Creamery student management team.

The UDairy team is one of six finalists in the Dairy Research Institute ’s dairy beverage product competition.

Maine’s Own Organic Milk Co.
Augusta, Maine

Maine’s Own Organic Milk Co. , commonly known as MOOMilk, has been written up in a number of publications lately, including the Bangor Daily News and Boston Business Journal .

The hot topic is a U.S. District Court lawsuit filed by the Orthodox Union against MOOMilk for infringing on the Jewish organization’s trademarked symbol that signifies a food has been certified as kosher.

Kowz R Us Dairy
Castleford, Idaho

Producer Dan De Kruyf is receiving national attention for 30 solar panels that heat water for use at his dairy. The panels have cut the dairy’s annual propane consumption by 134 gallons and will eliminate almost 30 tons of carbon emissions by year’s end.


The story, first published locally in The Times-News , has since run in other publications. ( Click here to read The Times-News article.)

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Hanson County Dairy
South Dakota

The Argus Leader and other newspapers have covered the early April decision of a South Dakota circuit court judge to send Hanson County Dairy back to that state’s water board regarding the 7,000-head dairy’s water permit. PD