Hampel Animal Care recently announced the addition of three new innovative products – AirMax, the new Calf-Tel Front Door and the Maternity Pen. AirMax: The new AirMax by Calf-Tel features a nearly full-open back, which provides more ventilation than any other modular plastic pen system. This industry first will enhance calf comfort and long-term health. The innovative, new AirMax features a molded-in, sturdy wire screen that significantly increases ventilation.

A cover that slides easily into place for added warmth in extreme cold weather conditions comes standard.
Benefits of the new system include:

• Provides more ventilation than any other pen system.
• Increases calf comfort and long-term health.
• Fits on existing Calf-Tel pen system
• Rugged steel wire screen – durable and long lasting.
• Cover included for extreme cold conditions.


New Calf-Tel Front Door : This new front door allows you to easily close off the front of your hutches.

This new feature is great for extreme cold, heavy snow or any other time you want to secure the front of your hutches to protect your calves.


• Rugged – same high density polyethylene plastic used on all Calf-Tel products.
• Easy to use – simply slide the l-rods to open or close the door.
• Fits Calf-Tel Pro, Deluxe, Pro II and Deluxe II hutches.
• Secures to fence for greater flexibility.


Maternity Pen : This brand new 4-by-4 pen by Calf-Tel provides added flexibility for short-term calf housing.

The Maternity Pen takes up less space than full size pens making it a space-saving and cost-saving solution for your maternity housing needs.

• Compatible with the existing Calf-Tel Pen front.
• Durable and long lasting - same rugged design and construction.
• Modular construction and assembly.
• Easy to set up, configure, expand and sanitize.
• Lightweight and simple to move – requires only one person. PD

—From Hampel Animal Care news release