The HerdHQ platform has the potential to revolutionize data-informed decision making on dairy farms. HerdHQ currently contains six apps for dairy producers and their advisors. HerdHQ on the DRMS website does not require any software to be installed and can be accessed by any device using the internet and a browser.

CowCompass provides access to easy-to-use cow or heifer lookup. Users can review current and past lactations, production, breeding, test day and genetics. In addition, herds on Dart can view health, hoof health, protocols and parlor data via CowCompass.

DairyDepot allows users to select from over 100 charts and tables and build custom dashboards. Overall herd management can be evaluated using the new HerdHighlight and MilkMetrics. HerdHighlight will summarize herd activities such as breeding, health events and chores on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and allows the user to identify areas of underperformance. MilkMetrics focuses on test day data and users can define alerts and create customizable comparisons with peer herds.  

Individual animal-focused programs include KeepOrBeef and HeiferHub. The profit-generating beef on dairy trend makes HeiferHub and KeepOrBeef invaluable as they address the challenges dairy producers face in making breeding decisions. Ensuring there will be enough dairy replacement animals in the future while maximizing returns from breeding lower-value cows to beef bulls makes these companion products very timely.

HerdHQ products are available to all DRMS processed herds. Dart herd management software users uploading data daily with DartSync will see the greatest benefit with some of these products due to accessibility of real-time data. Herd management advisors can access info from herds that are managed with Dart or other software.


Coming Soon: DecisiveDry, a program designed to evaluate if selective dry cow therapy is an option for a herd to consider and, if so, which cows are eligible for selective dry cow therapy. DecisiveDry features customizable settings to address regional and herd management differences.

DRMS’s mission is to provide superior dairy management information to dairy producers and industry experts across the United States. Product offerings include Dart, DartSync, PocketDairy and a vast array of DHI reports. We empower producers and advisors to use both DHI and everyday data to make the most informed, cost-effective decisions possible.