This article was #13 of the Top 25 most well-read articles on in 2012. to jump to the article. It was published in the March 1, 2012 issue. Click here for the full list of the Top 25. For the second consecutive year, the “Cool stuff we saw” article was well read by online readers. This year’s edition featured the ECAlogix System, a hygiene system from Zurex PharmAgra; Cow Vac, a chute-side vacuum marketed by Spalding Laboratories; the DairySource app from Elanco Animal Health; and SawStop, a top new product at World Ag Expo.

You may have also noticed that both virtual farm tour videos from the 2012 World Ag Expo also made the Top 25. Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley explains what you can expect to see at the 2013 show:

What’s coming for WAE 2013, Part II
In addition to the virtual farm tours and live Q&A with producers, World Ag Expo attendees can expect to hear discussions featuring topics such as crossbreeding and milk price outlook. Dairy producers may be particularly interested in the panel discussion planned with milk processors, featuring representatives from California Dairies, Inc., Dairy Farmers of America, Hilmar Cheese and Land O’Lakes.

Click here to see one of the virtual farm tours from 2012 and to learn what else is planned for the 2013 show.



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The ECAlogix System
A hygiene solution that has been in use for more than 30 years in the water treatment industry was introduced to agriculture at World Ag Expo.

Zurex PharmAgra unveiled the ECAlogix System, which makes it possible for dairies to create a large amount of

ECAlogix System

base disinfectant for pennies per gallon directly on the farm.

According to Michael Pawlak, director of agricultural operations for Zurex PharmAgra, large-herd dairymen can produce their own products at a payback that is phenomenal.

The electrochemical activation (ECA) process begins when water is mixed with a purified sodium chloride solution. It moves through an electrolytic cell to generate an active germicidal agent.

This concentrate solution is an oxychloride combination that is more effective than common chlorine bleach, yet safe when applied to skin tissue.

This system allows farms to focus on sustainability and food safety by creating high quantities of germicidal agents from the concentrate and/or proprietary additives to defend against a wide spectrum of microorganisms.

Used for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection, the system can be applied to pre-milking and post-milking teat hygiene, hoof treatment, cleaning equipment, cleaning walls and calf hutches, CIP cleaning, laundry and water treatment.

Pawlak adds that use of the system dramatically reduces the purchase of chemicals, chemical transportation and packaging costs, and chemical storage on-site.

Cow Vac
A new chute-side vacuum that removes horn, face and stable flies from grazing dairy cattle was on display at this year’s show.

The new piece of equipment was first developed and prototyped at NC State University’s research dairy and is now being marketed by Spalding Laboratories . Tom Spalding, the company’s owner, says the first commercial prototypes will be installed on several grazing dairies this spring.

The machine’s vacuum blows a current of air from one side of the chute while a vacuum on the other side of the chute sucks in the air blowing from the opposite side.

Spalding says the chute’s air current will blast horn flies, which usually attach themselves near the leg or flank of an animal, with air to dislodge them and push them close enough to the vacuum on the other side to be sucked up.

A vacuum on the front of the chute is designed to suck up flies from a cow’s face and back as she passes through the chute.

Spalding says he is most excited about the new equipment for its potential to help control horn flies, for which traditional methods of fly abatement are often less effective.

The new piece of equipment can be placed in a gateway between grass pasture and a watering trough or in a chute leading up to the parlor or exiting from it. Spalding says he believes the best placement for it will be as a chute leading up to the parlor.

The first commercial installations will be monitoring the efficacy of the equipment to remove horn, face and stable flies throughout this summer.

DailySource app

DairySource app
A new all-in-one dairy app for tablets and smartphones was unveiled publicly at World Ag Expo. The app, named DairySource and created by Elanco Animal Health , aggregates dairy news, local weather and CME market reports into one place.

Pam Boocher, a senior marketing associate for Elanco, says the company developed the app after noticing the need for a mobile solution that could provide producers with all of the information they search for frequently in one place.

The free app is currently available in the iTunes and Android marketplaces. Find it by searching for DairySource.

Boocher says eventually the company will integrate some of its own proprietary Web-based calculators and decision-making tools into the app’s resource section.

Sawstop , some of those accidents can be prevented.

One of this year’s top new products at World Ag Expo, this table saw can detect if it has come into contact with human skin and will stop immediately, avoiding major accidents.

Doug Weiland, a company representative, said the original inventor of the saw developed a way to instantaneously stop the blade from spinning.

In 0.005 seconds from when you first touch the spinning blade, the blade folding mechanism drops the blade below the top of the saw. This is 10 times faster than an air bag deploys. You can’t see it and you end up with a nick instead of lost fingers.

Not only does this saw compete with any saw on the market, but it also fills a need with its built-in safety feature. The additional safety reduces liability costs, as well as medical costs due to injuries. It takes five minutes to replace the cartridge, instead of having to take an employee to a hospital. PD