Here are some of the new products or updates to previous products that have been announced as of February 27, 2012. Return to this section of the Progressive Dairyman website periodically to find out what new products will be impacting the dairy industry.


New mid-size silage bagger launched
PACBAG’s TRACK-PACK silage bagging machine has been released in North America. This new machine takes an old technology and revitalizes it to meet today’s forage making needs.

This multi mid-size silage bagger (10-foot, 12-foot, or 14-foot tunnel) with hydraulic drive and track system instead of tires allows for excellent compaction, easier mobility and simpler operation. A new, fully hydraulic drive system powers the 375 CAT engine.

The excavator tracks(padded or not) not only provide better stability and drivability on any type of terrain, it removes the need for any other compaction system – no backstop, no anchors.

— From PACBAG news release


John Deere adds to 6R series tractor lineup
John Deere is expanding its lineup of 6R Series tractors with three new highly versatile models.


The three new models include the 6105R with 105 engine horsepower; 6115R with 115 engine horsepower; and the 6125R with 125 engine horsepower – all in a premium package that replaces the 6030 Premium tractors.

The compact design of the new tractors, combined with the power, comfort and control features, make these 6R models a perfect match with new H-Series loaders and hundreds of other John Deere and Frontier attachments.

These new tractors will be available at local John Deere dealers starting later this summer.

— From John Deere news release


Rite in the Rain launches new line of all-weather animal treatment record books
Rite in the Rain , all-weather writing paper, has released a new line of record books specifically for the dairy industry.

These 8.5-inch by 11-inch spiral bound treatment books help producers comply with FDA record keeping requirements and avoid regulatory action in case of an accidental residue violation.

New items include a new dairy treatment record book (#1636) and a new calf treatment record book (#1637).

Each book includes a veterinarian/client/patient relationship form, animal treatment plan, approved drug list and space to record 400 individual treatment records.

— From J. L. Darling Corporation news release

Mahindra Max tractor series unveiled
More than 600 Mahindra USA tractor dealers, staff and partners from around the globe were on hand recently as the new Mahindra Max series, comprised of the Mahindra Max 22, the Mahindra Max 25 and the Mahindra Max 28 XL, was unveiled.

Each model in the tractor series features a full-length frame that will allow users to install a backhoe at any time.

In addition, a wide range of attachments and implements are also available for maximum versatility, including a drive-over mowing deck, snow blower, blade, broom and the highest capacity loader on the market.

— From Mahindra USA news release

Patz introduces new stationary vertical mixer
Patz Corporation recently introduced its largest stationary mixer to date – the 2400 Series II stationary twin


screw vertical mixer (1,100 cubic feet). Steel side extensions boost its capacity to 1,270 cubic feet.

This new mixer is ideal for mixing TMR rations or producing quality compost with materials such as wood chips, biomass and biosolids. It handles a maximum load weight of 30,000 pounds.

This mixer features a simple design, engineered with high-quality components to ensure long life and reliable performance.

— From Patz Corporation news release

New animal identification bands launched
ESTROTECT is pleased to introduce a new high-visibility product used for marking animals – ESTROTECT id Animal Identification Bands.


This product is a self-adhesive band used to identify animals for reproduction, medical treatment, sorting/culling and just about any other use where marking cows or calves would be needed.

Available in five fluorescent colors (red/orange, green, safety yellow, fuchsia and blue), these bands are manufactured to maintain their visibility for as long as three months.

A single band measures 13 inches by 1.375 inches and is available in packs of 15 and 30.

The bands can be written on with permanent marker and are easily removed with an ear tag removal knife.

—From ESTROTECT news release


Bimeda receives calf coccidiostat approval
Bimedaannounced recently that the company has received approval from FDA to market AmproMed FOR CALVES (amprolium).

Available in a 20 percent soluble powder form, this coccidiostat is indicated as an aid in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves by following either the five-day treatment protocol or the 21-day prevention protocol.

This product is available in 10-ounce packets and shipped in corrugate cases containing two shelf displays of 12 packets each.

The powder form in packets offers advantages of being easier to store, lighter to handle and ship and generates less waste to recycle as opposed to typical gallon containers.

— From Bimeda news release

New low-fat distillers grains target dairy market
POET is upping its stake in the dairy feed market with the introduction of Dakota Gold Low Fat dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS), which research is showing can be fed to dairy cattle at a higher inclusion rate than traditional DDGS.

Dakota Gold Low Fat DDGS has a 5 percent fat content, which allows for higher inclusion rates in dairy cows. It is a new opportunity for dairy operations that have had to limit DDGS use in the past because DDGS fat content can cause milk fat depression issues.

With volatile ingredient costs, this product is one of the most cost-effective feed ingredients available today, replacing more expensive ingredient sources in dairy rations without giving up performance.

— From POET news release

Lallemand releases new formulation to existing
Lallemand Animal Nutrition , North America, has released a new formulation of Proternative Stress Formula (SF) – Proternative SF Plus.

Proternative SF is an active dry yeast, ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii - 1079). In controlled research trials, animals fed Proternative SF were able to better establish and maintain a healthy and balanced gut microflora and had improved immune function when compared to control animals. Neonatal calves fed Proternative SF had fewer average days with diarrhea per calf compared to calves in the control group and their medicine costs were cut in half.

Calves on a balanced plane of health are better equipped to fight the negative impacts of stress from calving and weaning. Additionally, newborn calves have a naive immune system and benefit from reinforcement of optimal immune system function. Proternative SF Plus contains Agri-Cell, a source of Manno-Oligosaccharides which contain mannans and B-glucans.

Due to its high concentration, Proternative SF live yeast is a low inclusion feed additive. When low inclusion does not fit with existing feed mixing technologies available, Proternative SF Plus is a good option as a top dress or added to complete diets. PD

— From Lallemand Animal Nutrition news release