Here are some of the new products or updates to previous products that have been announced as of February 11, 2012. Return to this section of the Progressive Dairyman website periodically to find out what new products will be impacting the dairy industry.


New integrated front-loader bale spears
Incorporating the Euro/global style quick-attach brackets, the new ELB-330 and ELB-340 Front Loader Bale Spears from Worksaver, Inc. feature triple bolt-in forged spears.

These spears are spaced 26.5 inches apart across the lower tube, allowing the operator to handle mid-size or large square bales.

Two bales can be handled when the optional uprights are installed. Overall unit width is 59.75 inches.

—From Worksaver, Inc. news release



Castrator for newborn livestock introduced
No-Bull Enterprisesis unveiling the next generation of innovation in bloodless castration with the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander, an instrument crafted from surgical-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

It is designed to ensure proper ligation with every application – the key to effective humane castration.

With the Callicrate Bander, band application is mechanically assisted to ensure consistent results every time.

The new product is even lighter weight, just as fast, effective and bloodless, but requires no manual cutting or crimping of the rubber loop.

—From No-Bull Enterprises news release

New blood-based pregnancy test for cattle launched
Animal Profiling International (API), has formally announced the launch of EarlyPreg28, a blood-based pregnancy testing service. The test is designed to detect pregnancy in cattle as early as 28 days post-insemination without invasive palpation.

This product offers cattle operations the unique opportunity to detect pregnancy earlier and with greater accuracy over traditional pregnancy testing methods while also reducing the risks of pregnancy loss due to palpation or ultrasound trauma.

Additionally, the testing provides producers and operators further time flexibility, allowing them to test for pregnancy on their own schedules.

—From API news release

Genex now marketing DG29 pregnancy test in the Northwest
Dairy and beef producers throughout the Northwest can depend on the DG29 bovine blood pregnancy test from Genex Cooperative, Inc. for quick and accurate pregnancy diagnosis.

To use the test, producers draw blood samples from cattle on the farm or ranch, forward the samples to a certified laboratory and receive pregnancy diagnosis results via email, fax or mail.

AgSource Laboratories in Jerome, Idaho, is now a certified DG29 testing laboratory. AgSource Laboratories conducts the DG29 test using ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) technology to detect a specific pregnancy-related protein within the bovine’s blood sample.

Based on the presence of the pregnancy-related protein, positive (pregnant) or negative (open) results are reported. PD

—From Genex news release