Laforge introduces aftermarket hydraulic drive PTO

Laforge introduced a new hydraulically driven power takeoff (PTO) to the market. The PTO is compatible with the John Deere Model year 2011 and newer 8R Series tractors. It is the first of its kind available for aftermarket installation and use with the 8R tractors.

The advantages of this PTO solution are the following: choice of rotation speed, continuously adjustable from 540 to 1,000 rpm by adjusting the feed oil flow; choice of the direction of rotation during the installation on the tractor; and possibility to separate the PTO speed from the engine speed (significant fuel savings, especially for applications with front hoppers, spraying systems or front fertilizer spreaders).

After three years of development, this optimized mounting allows for excellent performance, even when performing in demanding crop conditions.

This hydraulic front PTO is compatible with the PR5.5/8R front three-point hitch and all versions of John Deere 8R Series tractors that have been manufactured since 2011. It can be mounted on any tractor with a hydraulic flow of more than 53 gallons per minute (gpm). Its deployment on other tractor models can be studied according to demand.

56783-new-products-sprayer.jpgPhoto courtesy of SpectrumTechnologies Inc.

WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor for pesticide spray records

SpectrumTechnologies Inc. expands their broad product offering with the release of the WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor. The ultrasonic wind sensor sends wind speed and direction values to any smartphone via Bluetooth. Custom applicators or growers applying their own pesticides can now capture real-time weather conditions at the field or crop site and include this important information in the spray records.


The WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor measures wind speed and direction. Data can be saved on a smartphone and emailed to provide a permanent record of weather conditions. Avoid potential litigation, legal liability and fines associated with injury to adjacent crops and other non-target areas from pesticide drift. Utilize the WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor to provide the knowledge needed to spray effectively.

56783-new-products-baler.jpgPhoto courtesy of John Deere & Company.

John Deere releases new L341R high-density large square baler

Deere & Company is adding to its lineup of balers with the introduction of the new L341R high-density large square baler. The new baler creates 3X4 high-density bales. For straw bales, farmers can expect bale weight increases of up to 30% when using the new baler.

High-density balers are commonly used in crops having more elastic characteristics, such as straw. The L341R features increased plunger force, tension panel pressure and an 18-inch-longer bale chamber than previous models to provide the extra pressure to the bales. Added pressure is applied to the crop as it is moved through the baler, packed and then formed into a bale.

For example, the L341R can form up to 1,200-pound, densely packed 3X4 straw bales. Previously, the same-sized bale weighed up to 925 pounds. Across a 160-acre field, with straw yielding 2 tons per acre, a farmer could get by with four fewer trailers to transport the bales. In this scenario, hauling bales 200 miles at $4.80 per mile can save $3,840, or $960 per trailer load.

John Deere is also making new Bale Documentation technology available on its large square balers to support greater agronomic and resource management. Using Bale Doc, farmers can track bale weight and moisture, and flow that data into the John Deere Operations Center for analysis and permanent record-keeping.

—From a John Deere & Co press release