Through the CCA program, theAmerican Society of Agronomyhas been providing a uniform set of standards by which to measure agronomy professionals for more than 20 years.

The continually changing landscape of agriculture and environmental regulation has led to an increased reliance on the rigorous program benchmarks, by government agencies and industry employers. Organizations find value in the program through the hiring process, reduced risk, and a multitude of benefits associated with having a more well-rounded and prepared employee.

The program provides that a certified professional has demonstrated the commitment, education, expertise and experience to make a difference. 

The adherence to the four main knowledge categories – Nutrient Management, Soil and Water Management, Crop Management, and Integrated Pest Management – has not changed, but the content has to coincide with the advancement of agronomy. 


Individuals whose education, experience and career path is associated with the practice of agronomy might consider taking the CCA exams, including college students, agronomists, salespeople, consultants, educators and conservation personnel.

The next exams are scheduled for Feb. 7, 2014. Registration is open through Dec. 6.  FG

—From American Society of Agronomy news release