New BMR hybrids and their features, according to the company, include:


  • F2F378 is a medium-tall, full-canopy hybrid with excellent tonnage and Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (NDFD). This SS hybrid has solid agronomics, semi-flexible ears and a 95-day relative maturity.
  • F2F498 is a 99-day SS hybrid with excellent NDFD, starch levels and ear fill. It features semi-flexible ears and moderately hard kernels.
  • F2F817 is a 116-day hybrid with good agronomics and tolerance to gray leaf spot and is well-adapted to the California dairy market. Its full, dense canopy and medium-tall plant make it a competitive tonnage BMR hybrid.
  • F2F817 is a SS hybrid with good whole-plant digestibility, semi-flexible ears and white cobs.

The company's TMF hybrids 
lineup includes:

  • TMF2H706 is a high-tonnage, SS hybrid with good tolerance to drought stress. It has moderately soft kernels, flexible ears and an attractive plant architecture, according to the company. It has a relative maturity of 109 days and performs well across a variety of environments.
  • TMF2H745 has high tonnage potential. This 113-day TMF hybrid has moderate kernels and good starch levels. Its flexible ears and tall structure produce an attractive plant.
  • TMF2R196 features new TMF genetics, offering excellent digestibility and starch levels. With a tall plant structure, consistent ear fill and semi-flexible ears, it is flexible across variable plant densities. It has a relative maturity of 85 days.
  • TMF2A637 is widely adapted from East to West, offering good tolerance to gray leaf spot. The 106-day SS hybrid produces high tonnage and consistently girthy ears. It offers superb emergence, early vigor and good starch levels.

—From Mycogen Seeds news release