“Mycogen Seeds is excited to offer a selection of corn silage hybrids that excel in a variety of agronomic environments while offering excellent yield potential and the ability to maximize milk production,” says Greg Cannon, Mycogen Seeds forage portfolio marketing leader.


“Our BMR silage hybrids feature the bm3 gene, which delivers superior digestibility and is proven to increase milk production in multiple university trials.”

New BMR corn silage hybrid
With strong agronomics, good stress tolerance and HERCULEX XTRA Insect Protection, F2F346 is a 94-day BMR hybrid. It has semi-flexible ears and yields well with moderate to moderately high plant populations. F2F346 is a medium-tall silage corn with excellent tonnage and neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFD) scores.

New TMF corn silage hybrids
One of seven new TMF silage hybrids with SmartStax, TMF2Q308 is an attractive 91-day medium-tall hybrid offering excellent husk coverage and consistent ear fill.

TMF2Q308 is a reliable yielder and is adapted to a wide range of soil types. This product is an excellent silage corn choice for dairy rations.

TMF2Q413 is a tall, 96-day hybrid with high tonnage potential. TMF2Q413 comes with a strong agronomic package, including HERCULEX I Insect Protection.

This silage corn hybrid has flexible ears and delivers excellent forage quality. TMF2Q413 features very good early season vigor and excellent ear fill and husk coverage.

TMF2Q427, a 96-day SmartStax TMF silage corn hybrid, features semi-flexible ears and excellent emergence. This tall, full-canopy corn features very good early season vigor and excellent NDFD scores. TMF2Q427 offers excellent ear fill and husk coverage.

TMF2R447 is a tall SmartStax hybrid with medium ear placement. This 98-day corn silage hybrid features excellent emergence and very good early season vigor.

A 101-day corn silage hybrid, TMF2L538 features tall plants with semi-flexible ears and moderately soft kernels. With SmartStax trait combination, TMF2L538 is an excellent companion to the popular TMF2L533 and delivers both high forage yield and high forage quality.

With a 110-day relative maturity, TMF2R718 is a tall corn silage hybrid featuring flexible ears and moderately soft kernels. TMF2R718 has excellent drought resistance and offers good performance at low to high plant populations.

TMF2H747 is a tall, medium-canopy hybrid with very high tonnage potential. With SmartStax® trait combination, this 113-day corn offers above- and below-ground protection from insect damage. TMF2H747 does well in high-yielding environments from east to west.

Well adapted to the California and Southwest corn silage markets, TMF2H919 is a full-season product featuring SmartStax technology. With a relative maturity of 123 days, TMF2H919 has flexible ears and moderately hard kernels.

Advancing technology
The new SILAGE-SPECIFIC corn hybrids from Mycogen Seeds give forage producers access to the latest insect protection and herbicide-tolerant trait technologies.


The SmartStax trait combination available in the lineup of MYCOGEN brand SILAGE-SPECIFIC corn hybrids offers growers the broadest spectrum of insect protection with multiple modes of action.


SmartStax technology also allows growers to reduce refuge acres from 20 percent to 5 percent and plant more acres to high-yielding hybrids.

“Producers have access to a broad range of MYCOGEN brand corn silage hybrids featuring the latest trait packages, excellent digestibility and high tonnage potential,” Cannon says.  FG

—From Mycogen Seeds news release