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“By inserting information from their forage production and feeding program, producers will be able to evaluate how an inoculant can help their dairy or beef operation,” says Kyle Whitaker, DuPont Pioneer senior sales and marketing manager, global forages. 

“Producers can see the value in terms of return on investment and savings per cow per day.”

The calculator asks participants to provide ten answers to questions on the crop, storage system, feeding rates, market prices of corn and soybeans, etc., to show the economic returns of various inoculants options. 

In return, it provides three main “values” of an inoculant choice:

  1. Value from reduced shrink (dry matter recovery or preservation on the front end)
  2. Value of improved bunklife (aerobic stability on the back end)
  3. Value of reduced feed input (feed cost savings)

The program is a web-based platform accessible by PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Making use of 27 years of inoculants research from Pioneer, the calculator integrates input from nearly 150 on-farm trials conducted by forage researchers.  Users can evaluate two or three product options to determine which offers the greatest return on investment.

Livestock operation managers can use the tool on their own or work with Pioneer sales professionals to help determine their options.  FG

—From DuPont Pioneer news release


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