Some estimates indicate that by 2040, just 5% of farms will produce 75% or more of America’s agricultural output. But who will be in that 5%?

Aimpoint Research seeks to answer this question. The firm has conducted new, landmark research revealing the psychology of the farmers who are most likely to lead the industry in 2040 and both the internal and external factors impacting their success. Brett Sciotto, president and CEO of Aimpoint Research, is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a former army intelligence officer. He revealed findings from the firm’s research at the 2020 Dairy Strong Conference held in January in Madison, Wisconsin.

Who will be the “farmers of the future”? Sciotto shares more with Progressive Dairy Editor Peggy Coffeen about the psychographic segmentation of the current farming population, which groups he believes will remain in business over the next 20 years, and how that impacts interactions within the agri-food supply chain.



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

Through your work, you’ve segmented farmers. Describe those segments and what the psychographics look like. [3:20]


Which groups have you identified as being the most likely to be successful over the next 20 years? [6:10]

What does that tell us about the mindset and adaptability of who will be the farmers of the future? [7:10]

What might the technology to carry these businesses look like? [8:05]

What will supply chain access look like for the farmers who will be in business 20 years from now? [9:45]

What does niche marketing look like for dairy 20 years from now? [11:15]

How will the farms of the future, dairy specifically, look different from the dairies of today? [12:55]

Do you see advantages the dairy industry has compared to other commodities? [14:00]

What is your advice for a dairy farm family looking to bring in the next generation and want to build a sustainable business model for the future? [15:15]

You mentioned the farmers of the future will be less loyal to brands and more loyal to ROI. How can our listeners take that concept to build their own sustainable business? [17:00]

Do you have final thoughts on how dairy farmers can make sure they are part of a sustainable future and dairy farming 20 years from now? [18:25]

 For our listeners that want to see more of your work and follow you, where can they find you? [19:50]


For more from Brett Sciotto or to learn about the Farmer of the Future research study, visit


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