Feeding all-natural Original XPC as recommended during food animal production helps reduce the prevalence and numbers of salmonella and campylobacter in the animal, production environment and food processing plant, as described in the pending patent and supported by numerous scientific studies. Reducing these pathogens preharvest can improve food safety.

More than 125 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles describe how the preharvest technologies of the company’s products support immunity, health and performance of poultry, pigs, dairy and beef cattle, aquaculture species and other food animals.

This technology for preharvest reduction of foodborne pathogens deserves attention from all decision makers throughout the food supply chain, including executives, quality assurance personnel, veterinarians and farmers.

Consumers today are concerned about how their food is produced and accept the use of effective, all-natural products. The company’s all-natural, fermentation-based products offer safe, cost-effective, preharvest solutions for food animal production.

The company’s pending patent is based on numerous studies at many research institutions that involved pathogenic challenges to healthy animals by several different strains of salmonella and campylobacter. The resulting body of scientific knowledge on the effects of Original XPC on foodborne pathogen reduction represents the largest known collection of preharvest food safety research projects. These projects are the replicable work of leading investigators using varying methods.


Most efforts to reduce pathogen numbers in food animals and products, including chemicals applied during processing, are not completely effective. Research shows that the preharvest pathogen contamination of animals correlates directly with the postharvest presence of pathogens in food products.

Research also indicates that, while there is no “silver bullet” to completely eliminate foodborne pathogens, a multi-step intervention plan – including preharvest mitigation at the farm level – is most effective.

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—From Diamond V news release