Jeff Gooden of Iberia, Mo., evaluated the 187-head open show. The judge complimented the quality of all the livestock shown as a whole. 
Grand and senior champion bull honors went to Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, Neb., and OJJ Ranch, Shelley, Idaho, with H WCC/WB 668 Wyarno 9500 ET. The April 4, 2009, bull is sired by TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63N. Reserve grand and junior champion bull calf honors went to Chance Deppe, Maquoketa, Iowa, with DEP Good & Plenty ET. The Jan. 6, 2011, bull was sired by CRR About Time 743.
In the female show, taking top honors was KLD 3060 Penny Lane D105 ET, exhibited by Edy Brainard, Canadian, Texas. The female was named champion spring yearling heifer and is an April 12, 2010, daughter of BR Lansing 3060. Reserve grand and reserve spring yearling female honors went to Korbin Collins, Flanagan, Ill., with Purple RRO Ruby 41X. She is a March 27, 2010, daughter of JCS Showtime. 
In the cow-calf show, BPH JLB Tyra 3P, exhibited by Jamie Brown, Kentwood, Mich., was chosen champion. She is a Feb. 24, 2004, daughter of S&S DRF KJ Cattleman 49H and showed with a March heifer calf by BPH JLB 236G Everton 7S. Brianne Abramovitz, Columbia, Mo., exhibited the reserve champion cow-calf pair, MHF 4S Willa 814U. She is a Feb. 19, 2008, daughter of GHCC Freightliner S4 and showed with an April bull calf by GO 3196 Advance S109.
At the conclusion of the show, Brianne Abramovitz, Columbia, Mo., was named premier exhibitor. The premier breeder award was given to Purple Reign Cattle Co., Toulon, Ill. Jaye & Sue Decker, La Plata, N.M., exhibited the first-place get of sire, a group sired by DM BR Imax 666 ET. Sayre Herefords, Arenzville, Ill., exhibited the best 6 head.
Robert Alden of Hamilton, Mo., judged the 90-head junior show prior to the open show. KPH Purple Snooki 002 exhibited by Karey Howes, Taneytown, M.D., was slapped the grand champion heifer. Taking reserve honors in the junior show was Jessica Middleswarth, Torrington, Wyo., with TH 525 63N Fairview 84X. The Feb. 3, 2010, female is sired by TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63N.
 To view complete results of the 2011 American Royal National Hereford Show visit Champion photos may be downloaded at Enter “Hereford11” when prompted for a password.

Additional division results
Spring calf champion heifer: Trent Ray, Abingdon, Ill., with LCC Merry’s Revenge 17Y ET by SLDK Vendetta V-9 ET.
Reserve spring calf champion heifer: Shayne Myers, Colusa, Calif., with TDP Melody 415Y ET by C New Era ET.
Junior calf champion heifer: Steve Landt, Union, Iowa, with AL Miss Extra 1117 by ECR L18 Extra Deep 9279.
Reserve junior calf champion heifer: Blake Lowderman, Macomb, Ill., with BLL LCC She’s All Good 150 by LCC Back N Time ET.
Fall calf champion heifer: Geoffrey Andras, Checotah, Okla., with Langfords Lady 0251 ET by THM Durango 4037.
Reserve fall calf champion heifer: Rebecca Livingston, Taylorville, Ill., with RHS Sissy 190 by Patton AA Major Payne 868.
Intermediate champion heifer: Cameron Curry, McAlester, Okla., with CH JR Judy 0040 ET by DM BR L1 Domino 146.
Reserve intermediate champion heifer: Taylor Dieball, Little River, Kan., with Werk Rosetta 051 by KJ DWE 854P Evan 278S.
Junior yearling champion heifer: Karey Howes, Taneytown, Md. with KPH Purple Snooki 002 by THM Durango 4037.
Reserve junior yearling champion heifer: Kyra Stierwalt, Leedey, Okla., with GO MS Outcross X76 by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.
Senior yearling champion heifer: Kati Fehlman, Junction City, Kan., with BR Ginger 9196 by BR DM Bodacious ET.
Reserve senior yearling champion heifer: Anna Krieger, Universal, Ind., with Kriegers Hard Candy 3W ET by SR CG Hard Rock 5073. 
Spring calf champion bull: Larry Crane, Mitchell, S.D., with LCX MD Keepsake 116 ET by TCC MR Davidson 81 ET.
Reserve spring calf champion bull: Jaye & Sue Decker, La Plata, N.M., with JSD Next Gen 1105 by DM BR Imax 666 ET.
Reserve junior calf champion bull: Greives Herefords, Otterbein, Ind., with GG Revolution 101Y by MSU TCF Revolution 4R.
Fall calf champion bull: Kati Fehlman, Junction City, Kan., with KT’s Allowance 01 by BR Currency 8144 ET.
Reserve fall calf champion bull: Cameron Curry, McAlester, Okla., with CH Mr Legacy 0250 ET by HCC Legacy S01 ET. 
Intermediate champion bull: Lowderman Cattle Co., Macomb, Ill., and Jake Bloomberg, Berwick, Ill., with JB LCC Quagmire 506 by LCC Back N Time ET.
Reserve intermediate champion bull: Hattie Duncan and Ray Duncan, Wingate, Ind., with AA HRD Chuckwagon 0138 by SHF Ultra Max R117 U71. 
Yearling champion bull: Malone Hereford Farm, Moline, Kan.; Ewing Farms, Fordland, Mo.; Trent McMillen, Walnut Grove, Mo.; and Hoffman-W4 LLC, Thedford, Neb., with H W4 Pure Country 0109 by Golden Oak Outcross 18U. 
Reserve yearling champion bull: Split Oak Farm, Danvers, Ill., and Crane Herefords, La Salle, Ill., with Crane Dynamic 0422 ET by H Easy Deal 609 ET.
Reserve senior champion bull: Jocelyn and Joel Butler, Republic, Mo., with BPH 3242 Woodford 063W by UPS Odyssey 1ET. 
Get-of-sire: Jaye & Sue Decker, La Plata, N.M., sired by DM BR IMAX 666 ET.
Best 6 head: Sayre Herefords, Arenzville, Ill. end_mark


-- From American Hereford Association news release