In this Progressive Dairy Podcast episode, Kimmi Devaney talks with Tim Haynes and Kerry Estes, who are the two Indiana dairy farmers that recently handed the famous bottle of milk to the winning driver of the 2022 Indianapolis 500.  Milk has long been the drink of choice for winners of this race and has been called the “coolest trophy in sports”. In this episode, we learn how this tradition started and hear about Tim and Kerry’s experiences representing dairy on this international stage at the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

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Season 4, Episode 17


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Meet Tim and Kerry (~0:37)
  • How did the tradition of milk at the Indy 500 begin (~2:28)
  • What milk options do drivers have and how do Tim/Kerry know which milk to hand the winning driver? (~3:22)
  • As the rookie milkman, what was this experience like for you, Kerry? (~4:25)
  • What was this experience like for you, Tim, as the veteran milkman this year? (~6:00)
  • How were you selected for this coveted role? (~7:53)
  • What were your responsibilities on race day and leading up to it? (~8:50)
  • Who did Kerry hand the milk to? (~9:44)
  • What were the moments like leading up to handing the milk to the winning driver of the Indy 500 along with his team owner and chief mechanic? (~10:00)
  • How does it feel to be the two dairy farmers representing dairy on this international stage? (14:50)
  • What’s next for Kerry and Tim? (~17:35)
  • Rapid fire questions (~18:50)


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