Father and son dairy producers Randy Ebert and Jordan Ebert of Algoma, Wisconsin, join the Progressive Dairy podcast to talk about how they have diversified Ebert Enterprises to include not only a dairy operation, but also a facility for raising many of their beef-on-dairy crossbreds. They also share their “doubling down” approach over the past two years, which has included the purchase of a local meat market, building their own harvesting facility and, most recently, opening the Homestead Kitchen and Tap, a farm-to-fork restaurant.

Season 4, Episode 3


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • About Ebert Enterprises [~1:15]
  • Jordan’s experience returning to the dairy and taking over a local meat market at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic [~4:40]
  • From “heifer hoarders” to beef-on-dairy early adopters [~8:20]
  • Building a beef harvesting facility [~23:50]
  • The opening of the Homestead Kitchen and Tap, a farm-to-table restaurant [~30:30]
  • How diversification lends to the overall long-term vision for Ebert Enterprises and your family [~35:00] 
  • Rapid-fire questions [~40:40]
    • Favorite cut of beef
    • Favorite podcast
    • Best book you’ve read or listened to lately
    • Favorite menu item at the Homestead Kitchen and Tap
    • What is one thing you do for fun, outside of the business?


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