On this episode of the Progressive Dairy podcast, host Peggy Coffeen sits down with Jessica Pralle-Trimner of Miltrim Farms, Inc., in Athens, Wisconsin, to dig into the data she uses daily to manage 1,800 cows milked in a 30-box robot barn.

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Season 4, Episode 18


Here is a breakdown of the episode:


A snapsnot of Miltrim Farms [1:58]

Rotary parlor versus robotics: Why they chose robotics [3:33]

 The biggest challenges of a new way of dairying [6:53]

How Miltrim Farms added 1,200 cows with no additional full-time employees [10:33]

Why “compliance is key” but “data is power” [16:03]

Precision feeding [19:35]

Managing milk quality [22:10]

Managing cow health without touching cows [23:40]

Rapid-fire questions [27:40]

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