How did you get started sharing your farming journey on social media?

I began my page in 2019, and it originally started as a photography-type page, where I would post cute pictures of calves here and there. I followed a lot of popular farm pages, and it wasn’t until I came across June Dairy Month that I realized a lot of consumers are persuaded by misconceptions about the dairy industry, and also the majority of consumers have no idea where their food is really coming from.

Vegans are also in full swing during dairy month, so it is important for real farmers to share their story and show that farming is nothing but hard work and respect and care for the animals that work to produce a healthy and wholesome product.

It is important to me to share the truth and behind the scenes of a real farm because the future of farming depends on it.

I also like to create posts from a consumer standpoint and explain things so everybody can understand it.

How did you build such a strong following on your Facebook/Instagram page?


I interact a lot with New York Farm Girls, so some people follow me when they see me commenting on their page.

I gained a lot of followers when I came out with really cute stickers, too.

On which social media platform are you most active?


Popular post

What is the most popular post you’ve ever made?

Top posts

  • Maternity pen basics = 1,166 likes
  • Colostrum basics
  • What is a dry cow?
  • How long are cows pregnant for?

Sharing behind the scenes work

Can you share an example of a rewarding experience you’ve had using social media to communicate about your life on the dairy farm?

My favorite calf health company has been in agreement to offer me a partnership with them.

Some of my followers are so into the cows that I even get DMs asking me if they can pick a name for them.

When I talked about antibiotic regulations with milk, I have received many messages thanking me for putting the information out there, and some said they did not know that. end mark

PHOTOS: Tia Burton is active on Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes work of a real-life farm. Images provided by Tia Burton.

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